How to Prepare for Closing out Jobs in Wennsoft Job Cost

What does closing out a Wennsoft job do?

Closing out a Wennsoft job moves all of the transactions in the job from the work file into the history folder.

This simplifies lookups because now when you go and inquire on information regarding closed jobs, you will look under historical jobs. It also reduces the amounts you see when you search on open jobs.

It will also prevent users from posting transactions to a job that is complete.

How to Close out Jobs

Before you can close out jobs in Wennsoft, a few things must be verified to ensure that jobs are ready to be closed:

  • Make sure the job has been completely billed. The net billed has to be equal to the contract amount unless you selected otherwise in the Posting Options setup window.
  • Make sure you have posted all transactions.
  • All purchase orders must be received unless you have selected otherwise in the Posting Options Window.
wennsoft job cost

To verify these settings go to Wennsoft Job Cost – Setup – Job Cost Setup – Posting Setup:

  • Take a backup of the system (you will want users logged out of GP during this time). This will ensure that if you encounter issues during the job closing, you can restore to the backup.
  • Reconcile the jobs that you are about to close.
wennsoft job cost 2

Jobs can be reconciled by going to Wennsoft Job Cost – Utilities – Reconcile Jobs:

  • If you are using Percentage of Completion (POC), ensure that you have run POC for all prior months before closing out your jobs.

Now you are ready to close out jobs!



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