Just Released – Prophix 10R3 Demo – Performance Management Solution

Prophix, a leading performance management solution, has been hard at work on enhancing on its software.  With this new release, Prophix is showing us that they are listening to their customers by adding new features from ideas and comments submitted on the Prophix portal.

Ad hoc Visualizations

Ad hoc visualizations provides users with interactive charts to visually identify trends, anomalies and outliers.  Users will be able to uncover insights by using drill-up/down, pivot, change pages, and change member selections.

Smart Monitor

Prophix is now a including a fully integrated dashboard, score carding and exception reporting tool.  Users can analyze data, view monthly trends and quickly identify exceptions from the dashboards and drill down to

Supporting Detail Reporting

The reporting of comments in adhoc and templates is now available in Prophix.  This information allows users view, sort and filter comments.  The reporting of these supporting details uses a fully integrated and interactive solution.


Further enhancements have been made to allow users to drill across to DPM from Finance Cube from ad hoc and template reports.

Smart Portal

The Smart Portal has been further enhanced to allow administrators to add items to favorites for specific user as well as delete favorite items for all users.

To learn more about Prophix and how it can fully integrate budgeting, reporting, planning, scenario management, dashboards, and in-depth analysis capabilities please contact us. Added benefits:

  • Upgrade to R3
  • Demo of new features and functionality in R3 as applied to your data
  • Envisioning Session: Based on our understanding of your organisation, we will make suggestions as to which new features should be leveraged with the end goals of saving you time, minimizing effort and cost.


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