Prophix 11: Accelerating Prophix to New Heights Using DPM

Last year’s centerpiece of Prophix’s release was Detailed Planning Manager (DPM). DPM empowered users with state of the art planning capabilities offering complex calculations for forward looking views of their business.

Take a look at this: Document Provided by Prophix for a better idea of DPM

Or this Product Tour 

What can DPM be used for?

Many customers are already using DPM for Personnel Planning and Fixed Assets. There is more to DPM than just these two scenarios. Recently customers have sought out to find a solution for a Loans and Interest Model. DPM’s functionality enables users to apply calculations at employee levels, project based, asset to asset and loan by loan. Prophix will serve as a central repository for loans and interest.


Interest payments per loan by rate type can be tracked for customers working under government grants that need to be redistributed to venture capitalist supporting you to build your vision of a company.


An existing Prophix Model and a DPM cube can be connected together to allow users the ability to dig deeper into your data providing better analysis. Imagine how this can help your loan and interest modeling. Instead of looking at a lump sum in your balance sheet or income statement, in one easy step you can now see the breakdown of that number.

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