Prophix 12: What’s New

Prophix, our Corporate Performance Management partner, has put out a new version! There’s lots of new functionality, so let’s take a quick look at what’s new.


If there’s one thing Prophix focused on in this release, it was usability.  With the mantra that “B2B software should be as easy, intuitive, and beautiful as consumer apps”, Prophix conducted hundreds of hours of user testing.  And it’s paid off – Prophix 12 feels both familiar and powerful, with less clutter yet more functionality.prophix-12

Dashboard Studio

Dashboard studio, pictured above, has been overhauled to allow users to build their own dashboards that use data from Prophix 12 or external sources. Building features like drag-and-drop and a wide variety of data visualization options enhance the building and viewing process.

Document Explorer

Both document explorer and dashboard studio are indicative of Prophix’s commitment to less clutter. Indeed, the document explorer has been given a face lift with quick discovery, sharing, and favouriting options.

Modern Web Portal

Prophix’s web portal is now built with HTML5.  This has been one of my pet peeves with enterprise software, so I’m really glad to see another company embracing the standards of the web that users are accustomed to.

Learn More

For more information, see Prophix’s website, or contact us with any questions!

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