Using and Installing the Prophix Excel Add-in

Working Outside Prophix

In Prophix 10 and Prophix 11, for data entry and analysis we can use:

  • Detailed Planning Schedules
  • Template Designer
  • Template Studio (Coming soon to Prophix 11 SP1 available in Q1 2014)
  • Ad-Hoc Analysis

Some have even gone out to start using Microsoft Excel based Offline Templates from Prophix Workflows, allowing you to enter in data from an excel worksheet and have it suck itself back into Prophix. But have you ever thought of using the Prophix Excel Add-in to enhance your existing Prophix Processes? An Advanced Prophix License allows users to read and write access to Prophix. This opens up many different opportunities, such as connecting an existing Excel based Model used by one person to drive out particular scenarios in the business. It also enables an easy way to pull in data from these models by allowing users the ability to save data back to Prophix itself. Introduced in Prophix 10 R2, there are some valuable situations that we can take advantage of.

Installing the Prophix Excel Add-in

  1. Go to the URL in Internet Explorer: http://[SERVERNAME]/smartclient
  2. Click on RUN Under SmartClient Deployment there is one for Prophix Excel Add-in.
  3. Activate the Excel Add-in within Microsoft Excel
  4. Open a Cube from the controls and enjoy

How to use the Prophix Excel Add-in

Much like Ad-hoc analysis, you can use existing ad-hoc views you have created within Prophix as well as create new ones to be used within Microsoft Excel. These views are savable and only one ad-hoc view can exist on any given sheet within the Excel Workgroup.

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