Prophix iPad App Release

Prophix Mobile provides real time access to your Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. Automating financial and operational processes, including budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting and analysis to gain valuable insight into your organization and improving business performance. Bring a piece of business intelligence (BI) to your breakfast table or on a flight keeping you in touch with your business any time you need.

Be prepared to experience first hand how different and enriched Prophix 11 is compared to Prophix 10. Prophix 11’s new mobility means that it now goes wherever you go. Access live data anywhere and anytime using Prophix Mobile iPad app now in the iTunes App Store. Incorporating gestures and swipes with no need to use remote desktop. Prophix Mobile will eliminate downtime and improve analysis and response time with your financial information and performance statistics at your figure tips. Secure and on demand broaden engagement across your organization by utilizing your iPad by upgrading to Prophix 11 and downloading the Prophix iPad app today!

With a slick touch friendly interface to start your morning right!


Prophix Mobile delivers a secure access to your financial and operational needs directly to your iPad without the use of a browser.



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