Rapid Fire: 50 ISVs in 50 Minutes (Video)


Nicole: Good afternoon everyone. My name is Nicole and I’m part of the client engagement team here at Encore Business Solutions. And today we’re going to hear from a very valued member of the Microsoft Dynamics partner channel as well as a good friend of mine and Encore’s, Kim Peterson. She is an expert on all things ISV related and we’re really, really grateful to her for helping us with this webinar today. Before I hand over the mic to Kim to do her intro, I just wanted to go over a few quick things with everyone. So first of all, if you have any questions throughout the webinar, please just enter them in the question pane on the right side of your screen. And then our webinar moderator, Melissa, will go through them at the end so that we can answer all your questions.

You might’ve also seen a webinar reminder email with a link to a handout as well. This handout is actually a list of all the ISVs that we’re gonna be reviewing today, and we’ve provided the list just to make it a bit easier for everyone to follow along as well as just to check off the ones that you might be interested in. And I believe this is available in the control panel. You’re also probably going to be wondering about some of the pricing for some of the solutions that you’re gonna see today. And, of course, Encore would be happy to help you out with that. So you can just feel free to email your account manager directly in regards to any pricing, or you can also email us at encore@encorebusiness.com. Now, I will pass it over to Kim. Are you ready Kim?

Kim: Oh, I’m ready. So thank you so much, Nicole. Hey, everybody. It’s great to be here, and you can see we got a race car and it’s for a reason. I was telling the girls pretty soon you’re gonna think I’m an auctioneer. So I do encourage you to pull out the checklist or, as Nicole said, we also have it in the handouts. If you got a chance, print it out because I’m gonna spend one minute on each product, in that minute, you’re gonna hear what it is and what it does and you’re gonna be so surprised at how many products here you have not heard about. So this is a really fun exercise for me. Matter of fact, I am gonna kick it off in honor of Mark Rockwell, good friend of mine who owns Rockton Software. When I led GPUG, he did this for us. Boy, I realize now how hard it was because it is a lot of information. So due to this, he’s the one that set the standards, and I am following and doing the best I can to help educate you on ISV.

So here we go. Alright, first off, well, when did those payment terms get changed? Who gave that employee an unauthorized race? Where, when, how why? Well, you got gotta call on Rockton Auditor. It’s a simple but yet robust data change management tool. Now, well, fraud prevention was the most common reason it was created. It has an outstanding value. It offers you flexibility in tracking changes for many reasons. So maybe you wanna protect your data integrity. Maybe you face compliance audits or industry regulations or SOX legislation. Well, the Auditor has you covered. It does have flexible setup and tracking options. It can be done through GP or at the SQL database level. Now, you can even choose to be notified by email when changes happen. It has a feature called eSign. So if you wanna require users to obtain supervisory authorization before making change, turn that on.

This is a product that’s going to help primarily U.S. customers on the line, and it’s with a Aatrix. Aatrix has one solution that allows you to process your payroll and HR reports. So this will help with filing unemployment, W2s, 1099s, electric payments, and a lot more. It is a website portal and it tracks all filings and payments. You can get an inside view of what’s happening and when. You can view confirmations and even administrator what you need done right from your desk. All of these capabilities come with a great GP integration for safekeeping.

Here’s a new one to the market. It’s called Fraxion. Matter of fact, they came from South Africa and merged with eRequester, so now sales and support is done out of Seattle, but they got a name change and its Fraxion. So this is an organization that offers two different products to help you with spend management, helping you with purchasing. So what it does is it offers visibility and efficiencies to control requests of folks asking for purchases and also invoice payments. It has an automated approval workflow engine that streamlines the processes. Matter of fact, your time and investment for doing such is cut in half. It has one product called Prime. Prime is in a cloud-based solution and it has the old eRequester product, which is an on-prem or can be hosted, that’s now called E. Besides that, these products are really kind of two-in-one because it helps you in making the right purchasing decisions, but it also includes OCR so you can finish up with workflows and have that paperless office.

Again, cutting your time and expense in half. It’s that time budgeting. I know we kind of all cringe. It’s time for us to get our act together and figuring out what we’re going to do. True Sky is an advanced budgeting solution. It’s an Excel-based solution, so everything you can do in Excel can be done here and then some. It’s extremely flexible. It allows you to handle complex requirements. Most customers that are using the software have multiple departments. It does handle multi-currency, multi-language as well, and it’s integrated to other databases besides Dynamics. So you can have it with payroll, HR, CRM, point of sale systems, and the list goes on.

Credit Card Payments from Blue Moon gives you the ability to process credit cards within GP windows. So when you’ve seen a secure wallet capability, customers confirm the last four digits of their credit card number to reuse an existing card for transactions. Now, by initiating Credit Card Payments within a credit receipts window, collection efforts can be more successful because, guess what? You now have the credit card information so you can handle any outstanding or posted invoices. Credit Card Payments also has the ability to auto-settle each day’s transactions to ensure that transactions are processed in the proper day. So as you can see here, it’s got a lot of benefits and it integrates with both the back office Dynamics and also website-entered orders. You can also store multiple credit cards per customer. You can set up defaults by customers or maybe by customer location. And the nice thing is it does allow multiple credits for us individual sales documents.

Now, there’s a feature called Payment by Statement. This allows payments for on account customers. And you know that 2% to 5% you get charged every time you take a credit card payment, well, because of this design, it’s being processed by Vantiv integrated payments, which means there’s no third party gateway, no fees and costing you less. So that’s Credit Card Payments by Blue Moon. Love this product. It just happens. Post Master Enterprise is from Envisage. This is a product that automatically detects and posts GP batches. So you have integrations, intercompany transactions, maybe a used sales pad key to act or another ISV that creates batches and GP, or you simply have to post batches around several companies. Post Master can fully automate the posting process and for an unlimited number of companies. Now, cool thing is, is it actually runs as a Windows service. It does not require GP application to actually be up and running or for you to be logged into it and it does not consume a GP user license. Now, let’s say that the server is rebooted for some purpose. Well, Post Master Windows service automatically restarts and resumes detecting and posting batches. This product is available all the way back to GP 13. And guess what? It has a 30-day trial.

Well, are you managing multiple companies in GP? Here is an oldie but goodie. Such a solid product. Corporate Renaissance Groups has a product called Company Combiner. This is a great solution that allows you to consolidate multiple company databases in GP back to one single company. The result is improved reporting, incredible time savings, and, of course, it’s gonna be much easier to maintain. Company Combiner is also used extensively as a precursor for Bioneers streams, multi-identity management, affectionately known as MIM.

Well, today AP automation is pretty common in the GP space. The majority cost components of most AP automation solutions is the inclusion for document management, workflow management, and SharePoint integration. Well, HandsFreeERP actually strips all of this extraneous functionality from their solution to keep the costs low. It speeds up implementation and it maximizes the ROI on your investment. HandsFreeERP focuses on document automation processes and utilizes the functionality of GP software that you’re already familiar with. The big difference being is all manual data input is now automated. The result is faster, more accurate, and more efficient processes. Additionally, HandsFreeERP is a platform that allows you to automate any manual data input using the same platform. AP automation is just that tip of the iceberg from what you can accomplish with this document automation platform.

Love this product, Sierra Workforce. They’ve been in business for over 30 years and they’ve actually gone through Microsoft CFMD status as well, which means the product’s been tested. It actually has many different solutions in one. It’s got the time clock, scheduling, it has HR capabilities and integrations to many popular solutions out there. Now if you pay employees by the hour, you have the option to collect the data. Many ways could be the good old handy clock on the wall, your cell phone, thumb prints biometrics, computer and more. Love this, scheduling. That’s the worst job ever. Tried to keep everybody happy and living with all the Post-It notes. Well, here is a product that has a portal. Employees actual enter in the information on when they wanna work and it automatically sets up a schedule, no longer taking days to try to please everybody. And like I said, it meets HR reporting requirements. If you’re in the healthcare industry, PBJ, ACA, and more, Sierra really is a full featured solution when you have hourly employees.

Easy e-Bank Rec. So why not make month end less stressful? This unique system actually sits inside of GP Bank Rec, which you already own, and it puts Bank Rec on steroids. Now you can import thousands of transactions in minutes. You can match the document numbers to automatically allow users to quickly see matched and unmatched transactions. You got two steps that allow customers to preview the transactions matched by the amounts and select which matches to accept. It automatically books transactions for things that happen every month, like interest, service fees, DBAs, well onetime set up, and then it automates them. And you have choices. You can match daily or weekly checks that have cleared and then you can quickly click mark all of the transactions which have already been matched by the end of the month. Lastly, better visibility. They have a nice dashboard. It’s called the Reconciliation Summary Screen, and this provides a realtime comparison of all the variances of the GL and your bank transactions.

Now, deFacto Planning, this empowers you to make decisions faster and more intelligently because you can manage your business operations because you now have it to handle budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, analysis, reporting, and predictive analytics. deFacto Planning is a recognized enterprise corporate planning product to work with any of the Dynamics products. It’s also 100% technology, including Azure machine learning, AI, and bot services. This product is available as a cloud or an on-prem product.

Do you manage inventory? Well, Stock IQ is gonna help you in your purchasing and inventory flow. Listed here are some popular industries that are using the product and some of the key features that they really appreciate. Stock IQ is a demand planning tool. It helps you make the right purchasing decisions today to meet your near futures needs. Now, as a purchasing solution, it sets itself apart because out of the box, it comes with business intelligence. It’s also unique because it’s strong in supplier and promotion planning, meaning if you have highs and lows in sales or orders each year, it’s going to go back to that year previous, not just the past months. Another unique feature is it could run on-prem and, like others, it can run cloud or hosted. It is also value-priced, and so it is price off of the value that the inventory it matches. So smaller companies pay less, so you’ve got to check it out. In the summer they just released a brand new eBook that’s got some great education on dashboards. Change the game.

ICAN Software’s Mass Supply Suite, well, this is the leading, and from what I know, maybe the only mass supply solution for GP, receivables, and payables. So it’s got three modes of mass supply in preview, one, mass auto-apply, plus the prefects match auto apply, two, mass supply based on invoice stored and payment, return or credit memo, AR, three, mass supply based on import apply. You also can handle short pay processing functionality. You can import customers, vendors, and transactions, and multi-currency and national accounts.

Here, we’ve got one of Encore’s products, so this is one of my favorite, to be honest, of all ISVs. It’s the Advanced SmartList. What’s cool about this is it actually sits on top of GP SmartList and makes it work better. So now you can use this Advanced SmartList to create a SmartList off of SmartlList Designer or SmartList Builder, and it’s literally gonna put your SmartList on steroids. Instantly, you are gonna be slicing and dicing and analyzing your SmartList data within GP. No more need to export. Woohoo. Save your newly formatted SmartList as a favorite. Matter of fact, you can share them with others. This does have a 30-day key capability as well, so you can try it out, and I promise you at the end of the trial, you’re not gonna wanna live without it. Besides, the investment is only $800.

Now, as awesome as GP is, you can ask…asking for a few things or maybe 27 to make it really awesome. Well, Rockton has a tool for you. It’s the GP Toolbox. It’s one of Rockton’s most popular add-ons and it’s packed with a ton of functionality designed to save you time, money, and frustration while improving your whole user experience. So first is enhanced system security. Finally, you can knock out the deadbeats, hogging your GP licenses, not using it. Move over, taking it. You can also lock out users with too many password attempts or you can extend GP’s password restrictions. You can also accelerate IT administration. Your IT people literally maintaining order to your third party private installs, and GP logins is really tough work. With this product, it makes it a whole lot easier. You can also simplify business processes. A few ways to get things done faster around the office such as multilevel approval of payments, managing fiscal periods from one screen, and setting posting batches. Improve the user experience. Now, GP users can get detailed information about windows and fields, and with the products they’ve even thrown in some handy widgets to help improve your overall experience.

Greenshades. Greenshades is an online employee portal. It empowers employees to cut down on the manual entry for HR and payroll departments. I believe this is the U.S.-only, just as a side kick on that. The portal is great. It has a portal where you can enter in time entry, paste up and year end form access, also a human resource document library, evaluations and much more. So you need to cut down on open enrollment process. I know everyone’s going through that right now here in the United States. Well, the Greenshade portal allows you to streamline that whole experience, providing multiple options for you to look at, comparative views, and an all in one source of information.

This is cool. Wanna get paid faster? Well, Nodus has ePay Advantage. This is a customer payment portal that allows your customers to log in and view and pay invoices. The portal also serves as an invoice delivery system, so no more licking stamps. Every time an invoice is posted in GP, ePay sends out an email to the customer with a PDF invoice and a link to the portal. So now, ePay can process payments with credit cards or eChecks, and it’s gonna help create and send reports, confirmation receipts, and even payment reminders. ePay can solve some of the biggest AR pain points including manual labor because no longer do you have to mail the invoices, collect payment information, or notify any customers about outstanding dues. The system does it. Two, double entry because of the improved payments, it automatically sends that payment back to the corresponding invoice. AR people don’t have to lift a finger. And lastly it does have payment security added as well because customers are now in control of entering their credit card information themselves. So no one in your accounting department even has to touch it.

Here’s something very cool. This is called the Power BI Report Pack for GP. This is a suite of over 60 prebuilt interactive dashboard reports. That’s going to give you a 360-degree of your GP data all in one place, literally with a click of a mouse, it’s set up for you. Now, you can gain visibility into your business data. This is gonna allow you to do it much quicker, more informed decisions for your operation. So here you’re gonna find reports that will help you with data insights, data analytics, proportional analysis, increase-decrease analysis, question and answers, and forecasting, also known as predictive analytics. The functionality is really the very definition of business intelligence and, to be honest, this is not available in any other reporting product on the market today. I’m gonna go on, look at that. Who said that reports can’t be sexy? This is another report. So this is a screenshot from Power BI Report Pack. Now remember you get over 60 prebuilt interactive dashboard reports, and we’ve got to thank ETL source for making BI easy.

Matrix Inventory, also known as MTX, defines and tracks multiple colors and sizes or lengths or widths for all inventory items, things that GP can’t do. MTX also creates unlimited skews. It generates reports, secures the data, and applies inventory wide special pricing adjustments. So maybe you’ve got a holiday special, everything’s off 10% and it also handles overrides. So it creates one or two dimensional style matrices for customizable options. So any of these terms sound like something you’re challenged with? Well, let’s get you in touch with Compass Technologies.

Now, a recent EthoTech customer case study set it all, a lifeboat for our commission exhaustion. Do you answer yes to any of these questions? You know what, for over 15 years, EthoTech has provided some of the best variable compensation management solutions for GP. One of the only, they’ve done a great job. So whether your company pays commissions, has to deal with loyalties, customer rebates or other sales-based compensations, let EthoTech literally throw you a lifeline with their product called Commission Plan. FundVision, for all of your nonprofit organizations, but this was built for you in mind. FundVision is an easy to use donor tracking solution. Now, besides keeping track and reporting of donations, it really kind of functions like a mini CRM, allowing you to effectively cultivate the relationships and yet giving you the ability to stay in touch with your current constituents. You can streamline mailing processes, launch and track different campaigns. You can manage contacts, handle funds of that’s inquiries and the list goes on.

Here we go for all of you in Canada. So you have Canadian employees and you’re struggling with payroll distribution and GP, maybe doing spreadsheet tracking, manual inputs, lousy employees, statement access, well, Penny has a web-based portal that solves these problems in three different levels. For the employee, gives them direct, secure access to their payroll information through a convenient, simple web-based interface. The employee could track their hours, see current and historical pay stubs. They can access T4s and see time banks and request holidays. For the manager, it’s easy for them to access to review, deny or approve employees’ hours work or for their time off requested. Now, for the payroll administrator, no more tracking spreadsheets or importing of information. It’s just a simple import and export to GP. Penny is the Canadian payroll solution that pays for itself in literally no time at all.

Here we go. We’ve got Vivid Reports. This is a very cool product. If you’re struggling with management reporter and you’re spending a lot of time exporting information to Excel, that’s kind of crazy, isn’t it? Well, you should consider Vivid Reports. Vivid Reports has drilled on capabilities that’s really powerful and it gives you all of the information in one location. You can also give vivid to viewers to eliminate requests of the finance team for additional information. Now, refresh reports are only in a few seconds. You can add budgeting functionality, so it’s this time of the year to eliminate complex budgeting spreadsheets that are really almost impossible to maintain and distribute. So Vivid is leveraging all of the tools and functionality that comes from its Excel, isn’t itself. So implementation and training is very easy for all of us because we know Excel and it’s only a few hours versus long drawn out implementation plans.

One of my favorite products, Gorilla Expense. Gorilla’s philosophy is no more hassle with expense reports and time sheets. Now, with Gorilla, companies can make time and expense tracking super simple and realize things through automation, and that’s have visibility on what is the corporate spend. Key benefits are you’ve got a mobile app that has OCR for receipt capture. Take someone out to lunch, take a picture, boom, you’re ready to rock and roll. You can also leverage the robust integration with many different credit cards. It handles project time and expense tracking. It can be deployed cloud or on-prem. Now, another note, Gorilla Expense also supports analytical accounting, binary streams, MIM product or MC Square’s advanced intercompany transactions.

So do you want your customers to be self-serving? Well, checkout GP Elementz Customer HQ Portal, 24/7, this allows your customers now to get the information when they need it, whatever time of day. They can search for their transactions quickly. They can drill down to review the full transaction information. They can save the transaction to PDF or literally print it out. They also can do their own analysis because they can export data into Excel. Customer statements, wondering what and when they got charged, well, they’re there for the last two years. Also open and historical customer transactions, sales invoices, payments, and returns. Now, another note, your employees who don’t have access to GP, they can also log into the customer portal and provide answers and give instant customer service.

Intelligize.AI is the artificial intelligence solution development arm of deFacto Global. Now deFacto, if your remember, had a planning and budgeting tool. Well, they have this arm that also builds AI-based solutions such as predictive models for finance and operations. They handle intelligent bots to support customer service applications and others. It’s using a full range of Microsoft analytical technologies, including Azure machine learning, Azure AI, bot services, R and Python models in SQL, and, of course, Power BI. That’s a lot of technology. You can tell they’ve gotten a lot of really intelligent people working there. Again, that’s from deFacto Global.

Now, if you have five or more working in a warehouse, you really don’t need to spend a lot of time and money in looking at a WMS system. You can look at Collect for Microsoft GP. This is a powerful alternative to a typical warehouse management solution, enabling you to get a faster ROI and it does improve your processes with quicker time for values. So it doesn’t have the long implementation times. You don’t have to worry about integrations with multiple databases. You don’t have to worry about new solutions for customers to learn. You might’ve heard in this world testing, testing, testing, and cut over to the new system. Why? It’s because Collect for IT sits inside of GP. It uses the same database. It posts transactions in GP real-time. Now your IT department can help you with other things like other systems. Folks back in the warehouse and operations are going to love it because quickly they’re gonna have their orders done on time, they’re accurate, and it’s real-time inventory. So if you’re managing inventory in a warehouse, this is a very cool product, literally starting at $65,000, so a very affordable solution. Again, using a system that can help you with your pick, pack, and ship needs.

Dynamic Budgets. This time of the year, this is ideal for people that are using Excel today to do budgeting. This is one of the most cost-effective tools you can find. It’s got a lower base price, and then charges by the number of departments, not by the number of users. So it also has a very fast implementation, which means saves you money. As a matter of fact, a customer goes live in 5 to 10 hours of training of setup and training. Now, complex customers like those in healthcare might need 20 hours, but it’s not the 100 to 200 hours that many of the competitors quote. This also can act as an informal replacement for management reporter because it’s got reporting that’s live linked to GP with transaction drill downs. It also works with jet and refreshable Excel reports and it also provides you with a starter BI dashboard. Free trials are available.

KwikPayables from Kwiktag integrates with Dynamics GP. Now if you want a solution to handle document management and yet look like GP, so users aren’t complaining that what system is this, Kwiktag has actually embedded over 75 GP forms. It looks and feels like GP and it has a light technical footprint because nothing is stored inside of GP. This is an end to end accounts payable automation solution, so from invoice submission from your vendors through creation of a payables transaction in GP. You can also scale to other departments, maybe HR or folks that are dealing with paper processes across the organization that really can manage any kind of document. Another neat unique feature is, if you’re tired of searching, trying to find a document within GP or Kwiktag, it has global search. You can also add documents to transactions at any time. You can accelerate monthly, year in closest and oddest, because it’s got workflow history. That’s accessible with one click.

Heard of Vertex? Well, they’ve been in business for over 40 years. It’s tax software, so it handles and maintains all of the tax rules. One thing that’s unique is it can be run on-prem. So if you want it on your server, not a problem, but no, it can be hosted or run through a SaaS model as well. I also like how Vertex tax bills for their tax software. It’s off of the value of your business versus the number of transactions. So you’re not gonna get charged every time you enter in an item and it’s checking, checking, checking and getting billed every time it goes across the line. Instead it is an annual fee. It’s predictable and it’s budget-friendly.

If you’re using ADP to do your payroll and you want an integrated with GP, JAT Payroll interfaces and acts as a bridge to transfer data between many of ADP payroll systems and GP. Now, this offers you a lot of convenience and compliance because of outsourcing your payroll to ADP, but again, bringing in the functionality of GP. This allows data to be entered into one system, GP HR, and then use this JAT’s product to create files of change to be imported into ADP. Now, after checks are processed, JPI loads the detailed pay data as manual checks. The GP posting process is used to update employee histories and landing in general ledger.

All right. We’ve got Winthrop consultants. They’ve made a couple of updates in the last year. Some of my favorite are included in this build. One is giving you some safety in logging out inactive users. So maybe someone logged into GP at 8:00 in the morning and they haven’t touched it since, this sets up a system where it will give them a warning and has a countdown, but best of all it’s gonna save the unsaved work before logging them out. That’s wonderful. Also, it has user activity tracking, so now it records statistics on the company’s users are logging into with details of the last few sessions. It’s got cool reports like this, maximum session counts. It’s gonna track the daily maximum number of sessions on system-wide per user or per company basis, and it’s gonna provide the data in a dynamic, interactive bar graph. Login limits, now you can control how many sessions a user can log in at one time or how many logins are allowed per company. There are many options to exempt specific users or users per company combination. So that is a cool product, GP Power Tools.

Here’s a new one to me. This is corporate. Excuse me. This is Corporate Renaissance Group’s product called emPerform. This is a very flexible, intuitive, and all-inclusive employee performance management system. Again, that time of the year, so now you can automate performance reviews. It handles 360 peer reviews, ongoing feedback, succession planning, compensation reviews, and talent surveys. emPerform is also very configurable. It’s web-based, and this could be available either through a hosted or on-prem system. This works with Dynamics GP as well as all of the Dynamics products, including some HR systems like HRIS or LMS.

Today, we kinda got a crazy market with the supply chain market, right? Well, let’s take a quick look at what TrueCommerce brings to the table. TrueCommerce platform is filled with applications to connect customers, suppliers, channels, and systems. It has things such as supplier enablement, e-commerce, PIM, also known as Product Information Management, and multi-carrier shipping automation. We all have shipments, right? One cool module that they have is the pack and ship solution. This helps you with shipping and leveraging over 60 global carriers. You now have the ability to ship more in less time by printing the shipping labels quickly, adding fulfillment efficiencies and scale for shipment. This allows you to generate the shipments and invoices directly from GP. You don’t need another system, and it handles the demand spikes because they have a cloud-based model. So TrueCommerce is a complete way to connect the supply chain.

Jovaco. Jovaco is a web-based time sheet and expense report solution. This will automate your project creation when you get the go ahead. It’ll create project clients and allocate tasks to be viewed within the time sheets, literally in real-time. Now, there’s over 30 project-specific reports available out of the box as well as Power BI dashboards. Now, this is a solution to manage your project costs, profitability, and invoicing.

A product that’s been around for a long time, this handles batch emailing and faxing. Yes, I think we all should start faxing again. It’d probably make everyone jump, right? This is a product that will allow you to email out your invoices, no more postage. Gotta love it. It has more capability besides that. You can also attach supporting documents. So some good examples for static attachments. Maybe you always wanna include your terms and conditions to POs or marketing info with invoices. Variable attachments can be done as well. So you could add invoices to statements, proof of delivery to invoices, or time sheets to invoices. So use your existing print procedure along with your existing reports. Maybe you’re using Report Writer, SSRS, Crystal Reports, Word, Excel, doesn’t matter. It also allows you to send multiple documents to one recipient in a batch, in one email. And Liaison Messenger handles archiving of all documents.

So you want your sales team to do quotes, orders, invoices on their own without letting them into GP? That would be me. Well, have them use SalesHQ. So this is designed, again, for salespeople to place orders. So a good example is, let’s say, I’m an outside sales rep, I can now go out making my sales calls, I can generate orders on the run, and in real-time it’s gonna place the order back at the office. Matter of fact, that customer is even gonna get an invoice right there on site, close them when you can. This is gonna generate quotes, enter orders and invoices. You can also create new prospective customer records before they’re in AR and automatically update GP system in real-time, and transactions can be downloaded as PDF files. So nice, little sales tool, again, working with GP called SalesHQ.

Now if you are a Mekorma user, you are already using one of the widest used ISV products in the market. True, right? Well, Mekorma has come out with some great new solutions. The Payment Hub, this is now available for advanced automation and payment options with their services like the new Enhanced Electronic Payments solution. This provides with everything you see here and much more. Now, you know what is the best part? This add-on is totally free. If you qualify, there will be zero maintenance and zero purchasing price. So, again, talk to the good folks at Encore and find out what else you can get from Mekorma.

Rapidstart. Rapidstart is a great tool for companies who have outgrown Excel-based budgeting and they want a complete budgeting and planning tool without breaking the bank. Here’s a product that has budgeting and forecast, it doesn’t require modeling or technical skills to maintain, and it can be customized off of your business needs and integrate the data back to GP. Rapidstarts starts out with an impressive amount of functionality. It starts out at the price of $3,150 per year. You heard that right. For this low price, you can get annual budget, a chart of accounts up to 300, profit and loss projections, cash flow projects, payroll, monthly rolling forecasts, balance sheet projections, handling multi-currency and multi-identity support and rich reporting and dashboards. Impressive. Three grand a year.

Question, what is Robotic Process Automation, also known as RPA? Well, RPA is the use of software, often utilizing artificial intelligence known as AI. We are in an acronym world, right, and machine learning to automate tedious, high volume repetitive tasks that usually require people to do it. In short, the main objective of RPA is to automate tasks that are taking up your employee’s time and resources. Who wants to do them all, right? Well, Metaviewer uses Robotic Process Automation technology to capture invoice data. It eliminates repetitive processes and makes documents and data more readily available for better expense management. Now with this, just imagine how good you and your department is going to look when you start capitalizing on early payment discounts because you got the time to check it out. You can reduce your invoice processing costs and improve your relations all without manual intervention.

Netstock. Netstock’s a demand planning tool. It’s gonna help you get a handle on ordering and moving your inventory, making sure you’ve got the right things sitting on the shelves, not leaving them to gather dust. So this is a product that’s going to help operations in managing effective ways to handle the inventory. Purchasing agents love it because now they’re gonna have insight on what to order off of past experiences and what the needs are today. Bottom line, it’s gonna save you money while improving your customer service because you got the right stuff.

Nolan Advanced Bank Reconciliation, this is a solution that automatically reconciles. You can view side by side comparisons, import transactions from your bank, create groups, and set up rules. This is perfect for companies that have high transaction volumes. Maybe you’re a restaurant or a retailer. It does handle multiple bank accounts, multiple general ledger, cash accounts, multi-language and multinational companies. Nolan will save you time with the dreaded month end processing by reconciling with your bank.

Panatracker. Panatracker is a leading solution for real-time bar code based inventory and asset management. Panatracker GP is configurable and scalable. They’ve got Panatracker GP for inventory, this turns GP into a powerful warehouse or stock room solution. There’s Panatracker for fixed assets, allows you to track asset tracking and brings barcode asset tagging and tracking into the physical world. So what’s new on Panatrack? Well, they’ve got a great competitive upgrade program, making it easier for you to switch from a solution that’s not working to one that will. And they have camera-based bar code scanning that uses Android phones or tablets. Lastly, they’ve got a new tracking solution, and that’s called Panatracker ST. This handles complex item tracking scenarios.

Here we got purple again. Look familiar? Well, are you using Excel or analytical accounting and you need something more, maybe something more robust, more flexible, better reporting, or possibly you’re using GP’s Proj Accounting, and it’s far more complex than what your business really needs? Well, Encore’s Project Tracking could be the next step in managing your project revenue. Now you could decide what information is important to track and report on. You don’t have to retrofit your business processes to add project tracking into your GP install. Instead, Project Tracking provides enough flexibility that it can be configured the way you need it so that you can get the information out when you need it and how you need it. Encore is also always working with other ISVs and developing future features that are required for your needs today and in the near future. Best part is, typical implementation, three days or less.

Solver. Need budgeting and reporting? Well, Solver’s BI360 Cloud gives your organization an ideal corporate performance management platform. This is gonna help you with better business deciding because it handles strategy, forecasting, budgets, reports, and analysis. You can use comments and automate email updates so that everybody can collaborate seamlessly and also stay in the loop. It’s also ranked as one of the top leaders, oftentimes in the leading quadrant, such as CPM software grid, G2 Crowd, or the Gartner Groups. And not to mention they’ve gotten numerous awards in the Microsoft world. They even were named Microsoft BI partner of the year.

Envisage Exchange Rate Fee. This is something probably very relevant. I had a client in Minneapolis, they just didn’t update the exchange rate because it was too much work. They got money they missed. So here we’ve got a product that is a feed application that takes the hassle out of entering in exchange rates. It literally runs as a background window service and it reads information from external sources and then populates GP. Now, you can schedule to do this daily, weekly, monthly, or any time of the day. Also, all major currencies are handled by this application. Exchange rates can be sourced from a number of free currency web service sites, or alternatively, if you have a paid subscription, it works with those as well. Now, effortless, and I mean effortless, don’t worry about what version of GP you’re on, it simply works. You don’t even need to touch it when you’re doing future upgrades. There’s no annual maintenance fees, but one year of support is included in the purchase price. So I’d recommend checking out. They’ve got a 14-day trial version for you to see if it’s gonna meet your needs.

So how much time in a day are you wasting by trying to look at information in GP or other third party products you know it’s there, but coming up with the magic combination of words and numbers of phrases? Well, that’s another story. Well, you got to try out SmartFill this. You simply type what you know into the search bar and within a few seconds you have all of your matches, right? You pick what you need. This is going to save you time and money. SmartFill literally is an amazing productivity tool for your entire team. Honestly, I don’t know how anybody could run GP without it.

Need to make it easier for your employees, the purchase stuff? Well, GP Elementz PurchaseHQ portal is just the tool that you need. So this was designed for internal purchases. It’s not like a fraction or a product that is helping you buy products for the warehouse. It’s for internal purchases. Now, employees can simply click an app and make their requests. Maybe it’s a plane ticket. We need paper over here at this copier. Whatever it is, it handles approval and rejection purchase invoices. They can quickly review all of the purchase invoices waiting for approval. You don’t have to get all those emails from PO anymore. You can also review purchase invoice summary detail and its associated invoice. Literally, you can attach an invoice. Or it has simple screens to enable for a quick and efficient approval process.

Last product we’re gonna talk about is, hey, do you want some alternate part numbers? Well, there’s nothing harder than trying to remember the product’s generic UPC code. So now it can be used as the main inventory item, but you can also add an alias. This is gonna be recognized by your cashiers, order takers, and your support staff. The system will make it easy for you. You can review and edit the ones that are also created by the system. You can also scan and enter alternative items during the selling time. Yet, when you need to order from the supplier, you can do that in two different ways. It has a use the inventory cross reference report, showing you what their UPC code is and the alternate item number. But there’s also an inquiry window as well that will convert the alias part into GP. Guess what? This is only $500. That’s for 20 users or less. So to me, that’s a no-brainer. There we go, Nicole. We’ve got 50 products in about 50 minutes.

Nicole: That was amazing. Thanks for all that awesome content. That was really good. Thank you. Melissa, do we have any questions in the queue?

Melissa: I don’t have any yet. I don’t know if you wanna wait a couple of more minutes and see if anyone pops some questions in.

Nicole: Sure. Yeah, we can wait it a minute or two.

Kim: Girls, what was the new item or the new product that you learned about you didn’t know before?

Nicole: Oh gosh. There was a couple actually just from companies that I’ve dealt with before that I actually didn’t know some of their products. I thought I was pretty well versed with most of them. But yeah, I find that I’m looking at new ones every time that the topics even come up from my clients. They’ll email me and say, “Hey, you know, I’m looking for something like this.” And you know, we rely on Google sometimes as well. And some of the stuff, I find, it’s just…it’s crazy and there really is so many, even at Summit this year on that expo floor, I was just…I was blown away. Like it’s crazy.

Kim: It is. There are a lot. And some of these guys have very niche, like products like for [inaudible 00:58:07] Exchange Rate Product. I mean it’s the coolest thing ever. I thought the gal that I ended up selling that to, I thought she was going to, you know, cry for two days because she just couldn’t believe how much better her life was just made.

Nicole: Yeah. And that’s one thing, like one thing I always found interesting is when people come to us and say that certain solutions like that, you know, they don’t have certain capabilities, and that’s really a struggle for them because, you know, there’s tons of accounting solutions out there and there’s not gonna be the ever the be all end all solution that’s going to solve, you know, every business’s struggle. But there’s many, you know, third party solutions out there that can fill those gaps per se. So you know, we are always looking forward to helping clients figure that out. And yeah, I think it’s really important that they know that their struggles are not unheard and there is solutions for them.

Kim: There are, bring in the experts. That’s where I look out at Microsoft when I worked there, having a generic platform for people to hook into was excellent because you can then bring in the experts. There’s no way one publisher can cover it. All right. So love what ISVs bring for us.

Melissa: I don’t see any questions. So I guess you were very thorough, Kim.

Kim: Well, sounds good. Well, thank you, everybody, and thank you, Encore, for hosting this today. I do appreciate, love getting the word out about what is available. And again, don’t be afraid to contact Encore and ask them questions. They don’t know the answer. They know they can reach out to me and we’ll help you in getting some answers. Thank you. Thank you, guys, so much.

Nicole: Thanks, Kim. Yeah, we hope that chat, the solutions that we went over today, hopefully, you found at least a few that are gonna be able to make your work life much easier. I also know that there’s gonna be a survey coming your way in terms of the attendees. We really wanna hear your feedback, so please fill those out. Let us know what you thought. We’re always looking to improve. And, of course, as I previously mentioned, if you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager directly, or you can also email us at encore@encorebusiness.com, and we’re wrapping it up at 4:01. So I think that’s pretty good. So enjoy the rest of your day, everyone, and hopefully we’ll see you on the next webinar. Take care. Bye-bye.

Kim: Thank you.


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