Reactivating Segment Message in Dynamics GP

We recently ran into an issue with Dynamics GP that took us some time to figure out the solution for. But we did, so now we’re sharing it with our blog readers in case you run into this problem as well!


When Dynamics GP is first installed, you are prompted with the following message when you create new accounts; add a segment number that has never been used before:

segment message

This message is a fast way to ensure all your segments are named, making account creation easier and automatic account selection in Management Reporter ‘sweet’!

But because this message is a royal pain, or you needed to use Integration Manager to import your accounts, you selected the box “Do not display this message again”.  Many moons later, you have changed your mind!

Unfortunately, there is no magic box to reactivate this message.

You can still manually update the new account segment name by visiting Setup > Financial > Segment; Select the Segment ID, then enter or select the new number and add your description.  But let’s face it…when we are in a hurry, this step can easily get skipped.

All is not lost!  You can reactive this with a simple script in SQL.


Run the following script against the company database:

SELECT * from SY01401 WHERE USERID = ‘<userid>’

The script should return a record where the coDefaultType = 13.  We need to delete this record.

DELETE SY01401 WHERE USERID = ‘<userid>’ and coDefaultType = 13


  • Replace <userid> with the user’s ID you are working with.
  • Turning this feature off is on a per user basis – hmmm food for thought?

Adding Descriptions En Masse

If you have a lot of segments that require descriptions, you can import them into SQL.

Use the following format to populate this window:

Setup > Financial > Segment

segment message

Create a CSV file with the following headers:

segment message

Import these to table SY40200, ignoring the fields SEGCOUNT, NOTEINDX, DEX_ROW_TS, DEX_ROW_ID.

You will be overwriting information that already exists in this table so ensure all your existing descriptions are included.

Please make sure you have a SQL database backup before trying this. If you have any questions about Microsoft Dynamics GP, please contact us and we’d be happy to help you!

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