Top 9 Reasons to Stay Current on Dynamics GP

Here are the top 9 reasons why it’s important to remain current on Dynamics GP.

To ensure that you are current on Dynamics GP, you need to upgrade to the latest version if you are still using an old version. After upgrading to the latest version, you must keep up with at least one of the three planned yearly releases to stay current.

Remain compliant with regulatory/tax updates as they are released

Staying current on GP is important to stay compliant with regulations, such as 1099 formats and Canadian payroll rules.

Reduced costs and less downtime for updates and support

Compared to previous GP version “upgrades,” the Modern Lifecycle’s regular “updates” in the current GP version minimize downtime and cost.

With the October 2019 release, the current version of Dynamics GP follows the Modern Lifecycle Policy. The Modern Lifecycle Policy means the products are supported as long as the customer stays current. Microsoft will provide a minimum 12 months’ notice before ending support for products under this policy.

Learn more about the Modern Lifecycle Policy.

Learn more about versions of GP.

Improved consistency with modern email authentication methods and MFA

Getting onto the latest version of Dynamics GP will ensure you’re on a version of GP where Modern Authentication or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is used. If you’re using Dynamics GP 18.2 or an older version such as GP 2010, GP 2013, GP 2015, GP 2016, GP 2018, then the deprecation of Basic Authentication protocols in October 2022 would have disrupted email and Workflow functionality.

Moving to the current version of GP yields the following benefits related to email and authentication:

  • Less downtime, with reduced email issues.
  • No more insufficient memory errors.
  • Exchange login window won’t appear randomly.
  • Won’t receive multiple prompts to authenticate between each emailed document.

Note that Modern Authentication is also supported in GP Web Client as of GP 18.5.

For more information about Basic Authentication protocols being replaced with modern protocols, please see our article, Authentication Protocols Impacting Dynamics GP users.

Improved performance, productivity, and user experience

The usability improvements in the latest version of GP allow you to stay competitive, increase productivity, adhere to best practices for accounting, and improve the ease of onboarding and training.

You want to remain supported on current technology (and you’ve remained current on your Microsoft enhancement plan)

You want to take advantage of the latest version of GP available within the period of your Microsoft Plan Renewal — especially if you are current on your annual enhancement (and you want to take full advantage of all the benefits of remaining on-plan). Delaying your regular updates or major version release upgrades can incur significant additional costs/risks in having to update over multiple versions.

Take advantage of new versions of ISV add-ons

There are new versions of many ISV add-ons, compatible with the current version of GP, which may add features and functionality as well as resolve previous quality issues. For many GP customers, add-ons are an important part of how your team leverages GP, and staying current on GP will help you make use of the newest versions of many add-ons.

Quality issues fixed in the latest version of GP

The improvements include:

  • Excel Copy/Paste Payroll Transactions.
  • Human Resources Vacation Calendar > 2020.
  • Print 1099 NEC forms with boxes and lines.
  • Multiple fixes to Stock Count import feature.
  • Resolving Microsoft Word/Template issues.

Review some of the important improvements in the October 2022 release of Dynamics GP.

Take advantage of improvements in Workflow functionality

There are many improvements to Workflow functionality in the current version of GP, including:

  • Workflow automation.
  • Reminder emails.
  • Send attachments > 4MB.
  • Attachments flow to subsequent Approvers.
  • Escalation emails.
  • Recalling a completed workflow won’t “hang.”
  • Workflow emails include edit list attachments.
  • Assignment emails with modern authentication.
  • Workflow Approver count options.
  • No approval needed options.
  • Updated Dynamics GP Web Services (with GP 18.5) when using email for approvals routing.

Please contact us if you have questions about Workflow functionality.

Keep GP compatible with current technologies

The technology that surrounds Dynamics GP continues to update and improve, and it’s important to keep GP current so that it remains compatible with those other technologies.

For reference, see the system requirements and recommendations for Dynamics GP 18.5.

At Encore, we’re here to support you. If you have any questions about staying current on GP, please reach out to your Encore Account Manager or contact us.

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