Rebuilding Your Management Reporter Data Mart

Rebuilding the Data Mart is usually a good starting point when looking into Management Reporter issues such as missing data, differences between Dynamics GP and Management Reporter (MR), restoring building blocks, etc.

Backup SQL Database

Rebuilding the Data Mart can be a lengthy process and requires everyone to be offline.

  1. Close all instances of Management Reporter
  2. Open SQL and take a backup of the database called ManagementReporterDM
    *if your backup is erroring out, open the Configuration Console, stop the application and process service and try the backup again, once the backup is done, return to the Configuration Console and start the services.

Remove Integration

  1. Open the Management Reporter Configuration Console
    *if you cannot find the program, do a search for “Configuration Console” in all programs, or the executable file can typically be found using the path below:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics ERP\Management Reporter\2.1\Server\Console\MRConfigurationConsole.exe
  2. On the left hand side open the ERP Integrations and click on your database connection
  3. Click Disable Integration (this may take a moment)
  4. Then, on the top right-hand corner click Remove which will remove the integrationdatamart1
  5. On the top left-hand side click Management Reporter Services and stop all services by clicking Stop under both Application Service and Process Servicedatamart2
    *Notice that your database connection no longer appears under ERP integrations
  6. Delete the ManagementReporterDM database from SQL by right clicking on the database and selecting Deletedatamart3
  7. On the Delete Object window unmark the Delete backup and restore history information for databases and click OKdatamart4

    Rebuild Data Mart

  8. In the Configuration Console start the Application and Process servicesdatamart5
    *Upon opening the configuration console you may come across the following message, this is just a prompt telling you to start servicesdatamart6
  9. Click File then select Configure, this will open the Configure Management Reporter windowdatamart7
  10. Select Add Microsoft Dynamics GP Data Mart option and click Nextdatamart8
  11. Under Dynamics GP Connection Information: Enter the login credentials for GP and select DYNAMICS as the database
    Under Data Mart Connection Information: Enter the login credentials for GP and make sure the database says ManagementReporterDMdatamart9
  12. If everything is entered correctly you will receive the following window, click Configure, this may take a few minutesdatamart10
  13. When you get the check-mark, this phase is complete and you can close the windowdatamart11
    14. Back in the Configuration Console select the integration and click Enable Integration
    *the integration can take between 5-10 minutes or up to a few hours


To monitor the progress, run the following query in SQL against the ManagementReporter database:



Once this is completed and all state types are shown as Complete in SQL you’ve successfully rebuilt the Management Reporter Data Mart. User can now log back in and run their reports.

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