Day 2 Recap of GPUG Executive Briefing

Day 2 breakout sessions started promptly at 8 am.  GPUG Members had the option of 2 sessions to choose from.  The following are the sessions I attended.

Collections Management

It was announced that Collections Management was returning to Professional Advantage who initially developed Collections.  They came in to present the module.  At the end of the session, they announced that an express version (limited functionality) of their Company Data Archive (CDA) solution will be delivered with Collections Management.  Here are the highlights of CDA Express:

  • Archive historical Data from GL and PM
  • Database Sizing Window
  • Database Index Checker
  • Upgrade to CDA Professional at Anytime

Management Reporter Tips

The next session was fast paced, 50 Tips in 50 Minutes: Management Reporter, presented by Trenton Everson, Sr. Support Engineer at Microsoft.  Essentially the tips are numbered and you have enough time to simply write down the number of the tip.  We get access to the PowerPoint so we can reference the PowerPoint later on.

There were lots of excellent tips, but the Glamour Shot Tips were my favorite – how to beautify your reports.  Here are the 6 Tips in the Glamour Shot section Trenton demo’ed:

  • Boxes in Column Headers
  • Use Indents to group lines
  • Use format codes for section headers
  • Use wrap text to display description
  • Sort by natural for easier viewing
  • Use column and row shading to emphasize

Trenton also recommended visiting the Official Microsoft Blog, which has a Dynamics Corporate Performance Management section dedicated to CPM, which includes Management Reporter Information.

SmartList Builder

Presented by eOne, the developers of SmartList Builder gave us a brief review of how to build SmartLists as well as duplicating it to an Excel Refreshable Report.  What you might not know, you can also use SmartList Builder to create navigation lists.  They quickly demo’d all the upcoming features of the next SmartList Builder release.  Keep an eye out for a future blog on this.

Fixed Assets

Jared Hall, Program Manager at Microsoft (he’s a great speaker!) explained to us that out of the 125 +/- Dynamics GP 2013 features 15 of these added features and improvements were specifically for Fixed Assets.  Due to limited time, he quickly ran through the key features added in Dynamics GP 2013.  Here are some of the added features:

  • the addition of point-in-time depreciation reports
  • the ability to reset in a closed year to create a summary transaction to offset the details
  • the option to reverse depreciation for a group of assets, or all assets, in a single process
  • allowing multiple, independent Fixed Asset calendars
  • allowing users to define short/long years in the calendar setup
  • auto generating next asset ID
  • the capability to complete intercompany transfers
  • extend Analytical Accounting assignment functionality into Fixed Assets
  • and more…

What a morning!  They wrapped up the event with a Town Hall meeting with the Microsoft Team, a time where we as GP Users get to pepper the Microsoft Program Managers with questions and comments.  As always, this is a great way to get the answers straight from those who support and grow Dynamics GP.  What a way to end!  Thanks GPUG!

As we pack up and prepare for our short drive north back to Canada, I sit and talk with one of our customers who just recently joined GPUG and made the drive to Fargo for this event, he said, “This was super informative!”  I agree, like I mentioned last night, if you weren’t here, or have never participated in a GPUG Event,  join now, you won’t regret it!

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