Recurring Invoices in Dynamics NAV 2013

Can Microsoft Dynamics NAV handle recurring invoices?  Yes, it can! And you can do so by using the “Create Recurring Sales Invoices” function under Financial Management > Receivables.

To utilize this function, a standard sales code should be created and assigned to customer cards.  For example:

nav recurring invoices

Once the code is created, you are half way done.  Assign the code to the customer card.  When you do that, you can also enter other information such as valid date, payment methods, terms, etc.:

dynamics nav recurring invoices

That’s it for setup!  Now go under Financial Management > Receivable and Create Recurring Sales Invoice.  You can enter the order date and posting date in this screen; or filter by Sales Code and Customer number:

filter recurring invoice

I think that this is an easy and simple way to create sales invoices that occurs periodically.  It can be used for leases, simple monthly services, some miscellaneous charges, etc.

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