Recurring Sales Invoice in Dynamics 365 Business Central

In Dynamics 365 Business Central, users can create recurring sales invoices for repeated sales transactions to customers. A job queue can be set up to automatically create these invoices without the user manually intervening.

How to Set Up Recurring Sales Invoices

To use the recurring sales invoice batch job, the user will first create recurring sales lines for the customers. To do so, on the customer card, select Navigate, Sales, and then Recurring Sales Lines:

Then the user can create recurring sales lines via New, and selecting fields such as Start Date. If the end date, Valid to Date, is left blank then the recurring sales line will not expire.

Each recurring sales line creates an invoice. If one customer ends up having multiple recurring sales lines attached to its customer card, then multiple sales invoices will be created. When creating a sales invoice, the user can select from multiple recurring sales lines. Within each line, the user can select Card and fill in the lines with any number of fields that will appear upon selecting the standard sales line:

To insert the recurring sales line on a sales invoice or sales order, go to Prepare and select Get Recurring Sales Lines to insert the standard sales line in question:

Next, to use the batch job, search for “Create Recurring Sales Invoices”:

The user must fill the fields Order Date and Posting Date. As for the filter options, if there is no Customer No. or Code entered, it will apply to all customers that have one or more recurring sales lines set. Therefore, one customer may see multiple sales documents created from the batch job.

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