Reduce Your AX Upgrade Risks and Costs with Upgrade as a Service

We’ve talked to a lot of Dynamics AX customers who know they need to upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations (D365FO), but say they are just not ready yet. The uncertainty about price, best upgrade path, and impacts on functionality make many leadership teams want to take it slow.

But there are reasons for urgency. One is that Microsoft is offering significant incentives to upgrade now, with 40% off upgraded licenses, until October 31, 2019. For a company with 20 full Dynamics 365 Enterprise users, that could amount to over $20,000 USD in one year.

These incentives apply to companies using Dynamics AX 2009, AX 2012, AX 2012 R2, and AX 2012 R3.

So we created a new offering, Upgrade as a Service, to allow companies to upgrade on their own timelines, reduce the uncertainties, and still take advantage of that time-limited discount.

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Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Upgrade as a Service from Encore

  • Gives you a predictable monthly fee over the course of 2-year upgrade and support contract with Encore
  • Hands you control of the pace of the upgrade
  • 40% off SaaS licensing until November 1, 2019
  • 4 advisory hours a month with our experts to learn about new modules and functionality
  • Encore Care support for AX and Finance & Operations
Dynamics AX Upgrade as a Service Overview

Upgrade with a Predictable Monthly Fee

Steady monthly pricing reduces the hassle that fluctuating invoices can impose on your finance team ($2,000 one month, $50,000 the next, and so on). Furthermore, by spreading out the cost over time, through the time value of money, monthly pricing reduces the effective cost for your company.

The price is determined by which modules and integrations you’re using in your Dynamics environment. For instance, for one of our US customers, using basic inventory and warehouse management, master resource planning, and line of business system integrations, we could offer Upgrade as a Service at $12,000 USD total per month.

To explore your needs with our experts, contact us.

Control the Pace of Your Upgrade

Upgrade as a Service does not force you to jump your whole enterprise to D365FO right away. It does let you explore D365FO and start reviewing it quickly, but it also lets you stay on your current version of AX while you get the rest of the company ready for the upgrade. This reduces disruption and uncertainty.

Furthermore, through Encore’s agile / iterative project methodology, we’ll guide you through the upgrade process step by step, identifying your pitfalls and steering you clear of them.

We Support Your Current Functionality through Encore Care

Even while we’re doing your upgrade, we’ll also take care of your day-to-day support needs.

We do this through Encore Care for your AX environment. Our Encore Care Unlimited program includes

  • Break-Fix Support
  • User Coaching, Application Guidance
  • New User Orientation Training and New User Set Up
  • Client Workstation Installs
  • System Health Check

This support is often valued at $2,000/month or more for a company using Dynamics AX. It is included for free with our Upgrade as a Service.

Once your D365FO environment is live, it will also be covered by the same Encore Care package.

Expert Advice from Encore on New Modules and Functionality

The Dynamics 365 ecosystem is evolving rapidly, with new modules and functionality flooding in quarter after quarter. Upgrade as a Service includes 4 advisory hours a month with our experts. We’ll keep you on top of the key impacts and opportunities for your company, based on our Dynamics expertise and our knowledge of your needs.

What about Security for My Current Infrastructure?

As you may be aware, there are significant security and platform stability risks for companies on AX 2009, AX 2012, and AX 2012 R2. To take care of your infrastructure security needs before your upgrade is complete, we can also protect you with Encore’s Cloud Uplift Program.

To learn more about how our team can safeguard and transform your business, contact us.

All pricing is subject to change without notice. Always contact Encore for the most current product pricing.


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