Relationship Management for Any Industry

Organizations belonging to any industry can keep track of all the communication and interactions related to their connections with SwiftRM. SwiftRM provides the right amount of personalization to manage any relationship effectively. The Contacts and Accounts fields can be made to fit any vital data that you need to track to run your business. With the addition of a Custom Entity that contains 10 fields, something particular to your company can be tracked in a way that makes sense to you.

We’ve gathered a few examples from common industries to show the varying ways the Custom Entity can be used to a business’s advantage. If you don’t see your industry reflected here, read this blog about Dynamics CRM Custom Entity Examples for more inspiration or check out this white paper describing some creative ways organizations have used a relationship management system.


The hospitality industry can include many different businesses spanning tourism, hotels, or any business where customer service serves as the foundation. SwiftRM can be adapted for use by organizations in the hospitality industry in several different ways. Some examples of data an organization focused on providing personalized customer experiences may want to track are:
• Reward Programs
• Loyalty Programs
• Guest Feedback
• Guest Allergies and Food Preferences
• Customer Retention Rate
• Social Media Interaction

Financial Institutions

As a trusted advisor in a co-operative financial institution, a full view of member profiles is imperative to effectively doing business. You will serve your members better when you immediately understand their history, financial situation, and future needs. Read this case study for more information about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be utilized in a Credit Union. Improve customer relationships with SwiftRM by keeping track of important details like:
• Credit History
• Loans
• Financial Plans
• Accounts
• Transaction Information
• Portfolio Accounts

Oil and Gas

While the oil and gas industry is experiencing a downturn, now is the time for organizations in the industry to take a look at their large operational expenses and make some strategic decisions. Cloud and CRM are among the most scalable and cost-effective solutions available today that can assist with operational efficiency. SwiftRM’s mobile accessibility enables field staff to remain up to date while working on remote projects. Take a look at a few areas that SwiftRM can track in order to streamline processes:
• Proposals and Tenders
• Health and Safety
• Field Service
• Well Permits
• Site Visits
• Equipment Tracking


Gone are the days of managing an organization with only a pen and notebook. Make smarter decisions by accurately recording vital information. The mobility of SwiftRM means field staff can have access to the system anywhere, anytime. With SwiftRM you can access and track data integral to your agriculture business like:
• Equipment
• Livestock
• Crop Monitoring
• Quotes
• Herd Management
• Soil Analysis

Was your industry not listed? The relationship management possibilities are endless, please contact us to learn more about how SwiftRM can work for your organization.

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