How to Remove the Day of The Week in Dynamics GP Management Reporter


Hello, everyone. I just wanted to show you a quick trick in Management Reporter. Some people have been complaining about the day of the week that is appearing in your report header. So, as you can see, on screen here, mine says, “For the one month ending Sunday, January 31st, 2016.” What I’m going to show you is how we can get rid of that word “Sunday.”

After playing around with the headers in the report, it is not possible, unfortunately, to change it in there. So, what we have to do is go into one of the settings for the server, and I’ll show you that now. I’m just going to close out of Management Reporter, and the first thing I want to show you is, I open up the services and find the Management Reporter 2012 process service. Right click on that, and choose “properties,” and then click on the “log on” tab. This is the user that you must log on in order to make the next change that I’m going to show you. If you don’t know the password, you may need to get it from somebody in IT. Please do not change the password here, or else it might mess up some other things.

Let’s click “OK.” I’m already logged on as administrator on my system here, so I am just going to go directly into the “Region” window, which can be found under the control panel as well. And notice under “long date” in the example it says, “Thursday, December 1st, 2016.” If I make that change up here to the next option, it now shows the long date, “December 1st, 2016.” So you can’t see the word “Thursday” anymore, which is what we want in our Management Reporter report as well.

So, let’s click “OK.” I’m gonna relaunch Management Reporter, and I’ll regenerate that same report.

One thing to keep in mind is that this will not remove the day of the week when you’re generating the report to the web viewer, it will only remove the day of the week when you’re generating directly to the report viewer.

So, there you go, it shows “For the one month ending January 31st, 2016.”

Hopefully, this tip is useful to you. Thank you for watching.

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