Removing the CEIP Task in Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) is a way for Microsoft to anonymously collect information about how people use its software and problems that people experience with it. The goal of CEIP is to make improvements to the software. This program is available for many different software products that Microsoft produces, including Microsoft Dynamics GP.

When you install Dynamics GP the CEIP task shows up in the Reminders window by default.

Removing the CEIP Task in Dynamics GP

The following steps explain how each user can remove the CEIP task from their Task list.

1.  From the Home navigation pane, click on the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) task.

Peter Customer Experience Screenshot

Alternatively, go to the Dynamics GP menu and select Reminders which is where you should see the CEIP task. Double-click it or select it and click the Open button.

Customer Experience Screenshot Reminder

2. Click on the Name link near the bottom-left of the Task window.

Customer Experience Screenshot Tasks List

3. In the Customer Experience Improvement Program window, select an option and click OK.

Customer Experience Improvement Program

4. Back in the Task window, change the Status dropdown to Completed and click Save.

Customer Experience Task List Second Screenshot

5. The CEIP task will no longer show up in the Reminders window. Note that you may need to click the Refresh button at the top left of the home page to clear it completely.

Dynamics GP Desktop Screenshot

Removing the CEIP Task for all Users in Dynamics GP

If you would like to remove the CEIP task for all users or if you would like to select all users to not participate in the CEIP program, you can run one of the SQL scripts below.

Warning! Running SQL scripts can be dangerous to your data, so it is highly recommended that you have a verified backup of all of your Dynamics GP databases before you run any SQL script AND that only persons knowledgeable of SQL Server scripts run them. Please don’t hesitate to contact Encore if you would like any assistance with running SQL scripts.

This script removes the CEIP task for all users.


The following script selects ‘I don’t want to join the program at this time’ for all users and removes it from their tasks.

CEIP Code Microsoft Dynamics 2

Another way to provide feedback to Microsoft if you do not want to participate in CEIP is through Microsoft Connect.  Information submitted from this forum is used to help determine what new features need to be added.

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