Resource Requirements in Dynamics 365 Project Operations

The Resource Requirement functionality in Dynamics 365 Project Operations is great for streamlining your organization’s resource management process. It lets a Project Manager define what kind of team member they need for a project without having to decide exactly who will fill that need.

In the early stages of planning a project, Project Managers often don’t yet know which specific resources will be part of the project. For this scenario, Dynamics 365 Project Operations allows you to assign a project task to a Generic Resource, which can then be used to generate a Resource Requirement.

Then, once the Resource Requirement is received, a Scheduler can help the Project Manager book a resource that fulfills the PM’s requirements in terms of skills and availability.

Note: Dynamics 365 Project Operations is one of 5 different Dynamics 365 apps that serve various CRM needs.

How to Use the Resource Requirement Functionality to Request a Bookable Resource

Step 1. Navigate to the project you’d like to submit a Resource Requirement for by opening the Project Operations app and navigating to the “Projects” sub-area.

Step 2. Inside your project, navigate to the “Tasks” tab.

Screenshot showing the task tab highlighted.

Step 3. Click on “+ Add new task” and create your project task. Make sure to include the forecasted Start and Finish dates for the task. Those dates will serve as one of the parameters used to define your Resource Request.

Step 4. Assign this task to a Generic Resource by clicking on the “Assign this task” icon under the “Assigned to” column.

Screenshot showing a task being assigned to a resource.

A pop-up will appear. Click on “Add generic resource”.

Screenshot showing the pop-up with an option to add a generic resource.

A new side panel will appear. Here you can define additional parameters for your Resource Request, such as Role and Resourcing Unit.

Screenshot of the side panel with the Role and Resourcing Unit options highlighted.

Your company should already have defined the various Roles and Units that a Project Manager can call on for a project. The Resourcing Unit usually matches to a location or department at your company.

Your Dynamics 365 Partner should help you make sure the Roles and Resourcing Units configured in your system fit with the structure your company uses to deliver work.

Step 5. Click “Save & Close.”

Step 6. Navigate to your project’s “Team” tab. You will see a list of all the team members in your project including Generic Resources. Note that the Project Manager is automatically added to a project’s team, and the Dynamics 365 system will assume that the person creating the project is the Project Manager.

Screenshot of the Team tab inside the project.

Step 7. Select the row of the Generic Resource you added to the task and click on “Generate Requirement.”

Your Resource Requirement has now been generated and is ready for the next step in the process. Typically, a Scheduler will now help you fulfill your booking request using the Schedule Board.

Watch this recorded webinar for more information on using the Resource Requirements functionality in Dynamics 365 Project Operations:

The Resource Requirement and Schedule Board functionality work together with other Project Operations features, especially the Resource Utilization Board, to help you plan, carry out, and track projects.

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