Running On-Demand Workflows on Records in CRM

As a user in CRM you may occasionally need to make a mass update of records. Using out of the box features in CRM; you can change personal settings to ensure you are updating as many records as possible, and also learn how to trigger the on-demand workflow. The below instructions assume the appropriate on-demand workflow has already been created.

Running On-Demand Workflows on Bulk Records

Updating your personal settings
1. Open up your personal settings.
a. Click on the Settings icon in the top right-hand corner.
b. Select Options > a new window pops up.

ondemand 1
2. On the General tab, in the “Set number of records shown per page in any list of records” change the value from 50 to 250 records per page.

ondemand 2
3. You will now be able to view up to 250 records in one page, scrolling as necessary, vs. 50 records per page & clicking through each tab.

Running On-Demand Workflows on Multiple Records

1. Access the entity you wish to run the On-Demand workflow on. In this example we will use Accounts.

ondemand 3
2. Ensure you have the right view selected – we are using Active Accounts.

3. On the left-hand side of the grid, click the check bar to select all 250 records in the view, this will highlight all the records.

ondemand 4
4. With all the records highlighted, click on the “…” in the command bar.
a. Select Run Workflow.

ondemand 5
5. A dialog box will pop up, listing any on-demand workflows this entity has.
a. Highlight the appropriate workflow.
b. Click “Add” button.

ondemand 6
6. A message window will pop up.
a. Click “OK” to confirm this workflow should be run against all the records selected.

ondemand 7

7. A progress bar will pop up while the workflow is running, when this pop up disappears the changes have been made. Refresh a couple of times & open records to confirm the changes have been made.

ondemand 8
8. In the grid on the bottom left-hand corner, click the next page arrow. Then repeat this process to update the next set of records. Repeat until all records are updated.

ondemand 9

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