Is Your Safety Team Stuck in the Clipboard Era?

Is employee safety and product quality key to success in your industry? Consider where technology can help you move beyond the paper and clipboards.

Imagine if health and safety managers identifying a hazard were equipped only with a smartphone for their job. Imagine their process was to take a picture of the issue, assess the risk, and note corrective actions. The issue would be logged electronically and notifications would then be sent to those responsible to act.

This could happen in a matter of minutes and the hazard could be dealt with before anyone was hurt. In the traditional paper and clipboard world it would take much more time and effort to appropriately document all these steps.

The same is true with quality inspections. A worker equipped with a tablet can watch over an assembly line, identify defects and log it immediately with photos. The information is transmitted electronically to those who need to take corrective action.

It is possible to achieve this with a software application called ITRAK. We can design a series of electronic forms that will create all the QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment) documents unique to your organization. This would allow you to capture data electronically, automate your processes and save time, money and filing!

NeoSystems’ ITRAK software can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and is delivered by a project team of NeoSystems ITRAK QHSE Specialists and Encore Consultants. This ensures you have access to QHSE industry best practices while also leveraging Encore’s understanding of your software environment and business needs. Your users can access the solution via mobile apps, a web portal or an administrator interface.

The Encore Team is pleased to add this solution to our product portfolio and will be working closely with NeoSystems to introduce ITRAK to interested parties.

For more information or to schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements, please contact us at Encore.

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