Sales Order Picking in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

The Warehousing App

Sales order picking is a generic business process that represents picking inventory to fulfill a sales order, which is a common task for most businesses. Regardless of how this is done, whether it is using a mobile device or not, there are various other options in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations that can be utilized to pick inventory, but all these options are the same. This post focuses on using the Warehousing App for picking sales orders.

A typical journey of a sales order before picking starts with the following:

Path: Account receivable → Order → All sales orders → + New


 Sales & Marketing → Sales orders → All sales orders → + New

    1. Create a sales order for an invoice account and then specify site and warehouse for the storage dimensions
    2. Add sales order lines with your items
    3. From the sales order lines header, proceed to inventory → reservation to reserve items
    4. To release sales order lines to the warehouse for picking, go to warehouse → release to the warehouse

             5. From the line header, proceed to warehouse → work details

Sales order picking with a mobile device can be done after the sales order is released to the warehouse and work is created. Users with the right permissions will then be able to log in and use the menu items on the mobile device to access the picking options. The images below describe the sequence of actions during the pick process using the Warehouse App in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

The Warehousing App uses inventory storage information such as the location, license plate, item bar code, and target license plate to determine where and how an item is stored during the pick process, and these items all require an initial setup which can be tailored to the particular nature of your business operations. If you have any questions about Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, please contact us.

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