How to Create a Sandbox in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central users are able to refresh sandboxes by copying the production environment. If you are an Encore customer and you need assistance, please submit a ticket to our Encore Care team through email or the portal, and our team can help you/have this done for you.

Currently you are able to have a production environment and up to 3 sandbox environments.

If you have reached the maximum number of sandboxes, it is possible to delete a sandbox. However, please note that deleting an existing sandbox to replace with a copy does have some risks:

  • Other staff may be using an existing sandbox for testing, training, or validation.
  • Your Dynamics Partner may be using an existing sandbox for development or for investigation on submitted support cases.

It will be important to clear the deletion of an existing sandbox with your internal teams as well as external resources like Encore or 3rd parties involved with supporting your Business Central environments.

To create a new sandbox:

  1. Access the Admin Center for Business Central by clicking on the gear symbol and selecting Admin Center.Menu showing how to access the Admin Center in Business Central
  2. Click on the production environment.List of environments in Business Central, with production highlighted
  3. Click on the Copy option in the toolbar.The Copy option highlighted in the production environment toolbar
  4. Enter in a name for your new sandbox environment and select “Sandbox” from the New environment type dropdown list. We suggest a naming convention that indicates the reason, the initials of who is creating it, and the date of creation. In the example below the reason is Wave 1.Settings for new environment name and type
    Once you have selected the type of sandbox, you will see a confirmation indicating you are copying the production to a sandbox.Confirmation messaging for copying the environment
  5. Click on Environments in the navigation pane to get back to the list of all the environments.The environments option highlighted in the navigation pane
    You should see the new sandbox in the list and can monitor the status by clicking the Refresh button in the toolbar. Once the status is Active, click on the blue hyperlink to get the URL.List of Environments with the refresh button and the new sandbox environment highlighted

For help with sandbox environments or anything else in your Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions, please contact us or submit a ticket to the Encore Care team through email or the portal.

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