Save Time with Dynamics NAV Shortcut Keys

We often use our mouse to perform basic system functions, but picking up a few keyboard shortcuts can save us loads of time. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, there are some simple shortcut keys that you can use to speed things up. Take a look at the list of keys and their functions below, and see which ones you can adopt to increase your productivity.

F1- Open Help and Check for Data Field Definitions

In any part of NAV, you can always press F1 to learn the definition of a certain field. To illustrate this, open the vendor card> go to any data field (ex. Blocked)> Press F1

Shortcut Keys

The system will pull out the information pertaining to that field like the example below:

Shortcut Keys

Ctrl+N- to Create a New Record

(ex. GL Account, Vendor, Customer etc..)

Open any of the setup cards (customer/vendor/GL Account/bank)Shortcut Keys

Press CTRL+N and a new card will open

F8- To Copy the Above Line in any Journal

For example, there are existing line entries in the batch and you want to copy the above information.





F9- Post the Entries in your Batch
Shift+F9- Post and Print

Simply press F9 if you wish to post the entries. Upon pressing F9, the system will prompt if you want to post the journal lines.


On the other hand, if you wish to post and print, use Shift+F9. The system will prompt if you want to post and print and journal lines.


Ctrl+home – to get to the first entry
Ctrl+end – to get to the last entry

Say, for example you are in the Vendor list or customer list page and you want to go to the end of the page. All you need to do is to press Ctrl+end to go to the bottom or Ctrl+home to go back to the top.


Ctrl+F- to search

Use it to search for a specific information on your batch or on the list. To illustrate this, try going to the item list and press Ctrl+F and use the description to search for the information that you need.nav9

Ctrl+E- Export to Excel

This is pretty straightforward, all you need to do is to go to the list and export to Excel. For example, go to chart of accounts and press CTRL+E to export to Excel.


Alt- Display the Access Keys in the Ribbon

To illustrate this, go to customers and press ALT key. The system will immediately display the Access keys on the tabs. Once you press the corresponding letter, it will show the other shortcut keys for every ribbon.nav11

Press ‘N’ and it will show all the shortcut keys of the functions within the ribbon.


Esc- Exit From an Open Window

Exit from an open window and undo a data entry. For example, you have several entries in a Journal, the first line entry has an amount of 256.90


…you then accidentally changed the amount into 1.


Press the Esc key to return to the original amount even without using the delete key.
*Note: Esc key limitation- this is applicable as long as you have not pressed the ‘Enter’ key or ‘Tab’ key to move to the next column.

Below is the summary list of NAV shortcut keys:


Get used to using these shortcut keys as often as you can, and watch your productivity increase!

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