Saving Queries in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

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A very useful trick in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is saving a query.

You are likely all too familiar with this situation. You need to run a query with specific parameters but you forget what they were from the last time you ran it.

The solution is simple. You can create the query and then take advantage of the “Save As” function. In this example you can use the save function in General Ledger>Inquiries>Voucher Transactions.

Dynamics AX Vendor Transactions

If you use the standard blank query with no specific criteria you will get a report like the one below.

Dynamics AX Inquiry Screen AX Image Voucher Transactions

Let’s look at an example with specific criteria.

Main Account -180100 – Tangible fixed assets
Date range: January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014

Dynamics AX Inquiry Screen

You can create the query and save it. This allows you to recall this specific query anytime you need it without having to key in your criteria again.

In this instance I have saved the query as “Tangible fixed assets”.

Dynamics AX Tangible Fixed Assets

Below is the result of the “Tangible fixed assets” query.

Dynamics AX Voucher Transaction Screenshot Six

Queries for Accounts Payable in Dynamics AX

Saved queries can also be very useful when doing payments, especially if you have multiple bank accounts and different methods of payment.

In the next series of screenshots I have highlighted how you can create queries to speed up the payment process for accounts payable. This allows the user to setup the different payment methods quickly rather than filling in the criteria each time.

Dynamics AX Voucher Transaction Screenshot Six

By saving and reusing queries you can help eliminate re-entering criteria into Dynamics AX which helps speed up your processes.

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