Serving up Rock Stars and Super Heroes

Customers and prospects who are meeting with Encore for the first time usually ask – why should we select you as our service provider?  What makes you a better partner?

There are many ways to answer this but the simple, most straightforward answer is – we have a great team!  Sure, others can make that claim as well but we offer proof.

It takes a certain kind of person to be a consultant – dealing with a variety of applications, technologies and of course the human element of varying personalities every single day – expected to troubleshoot issues they may have never seen before with professionalism, speed and accuracy. At Encore we provide our team members with access to resources, to training, to other experts and mentors so they can develop the skills necessary to provide great customer experiences.

But regardless of what we do for them as an employer, the truth of the matter is their individual desire to help is in their DNA. A good consultant loves to learn, has innate curiosity, is passionate about the services they provide and wants to teach and share what they know. They may be introverts or extroverts; they are driven; they are keeners – and they really want to solve the problem you have presented them with. Make no mistake they want to do the right thing!

Our loyal crew is the best the industry has to offer and our clients think so too!

the upgrade went very well… are a Rock Star!”

-L. Hook, Information Systems Coordinator, OrionHealth Services

If you want to experience the services Encore’s rock stars and super heroes offer, please contact us today.  We have a cape designed especially for you!

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