Sneak Peek: What Has Changed in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Web Client

The Dynamics NAV Web Client just got a ‘face-lift’ in the new 2016 version and it’s looking good – really good. While Microsoft admits they still have some work to do to get the Web Client to be suitable for the intensive NAV user, they took a huge leap forward with this release.

The Web Client is the bases for not only the user experience within the browser, but it also applies to the Tablet Client and the Mobile Device Client. By focusing on the usability of the Web client, Microsoft is improving the user experience for devices.

The list of Web Client improvements is extensive. There are 60+ improvements. While many of these improvements are seemingly smaller and more trivial in nature, as a whole, they represent very significant progress in making the Web Client a viable reality for all.

Check out the condensed list of the 60+ Web Client improvements below or watch this short 2 minute highlight video.

  1. Collapse and expand the Navigation Pane to allow for more workspace
  2. Remembers Navigation Pane settings (whether it was expanded or collapsed
  3. Clearer NAV pane. They’ve improved the look of the options within the Navigation Plan
  4. Easy get back to Home Page. They put the House icon at the top left of the Navigation Pane so it’s easy to find
  5. The Navigation Pane stays fixed when scrolling
  6. Screen resizing dynamically moves all the Role Centre parts for optimal viewing based on the size of the window
  7. Disassociated queues from NAV pane lists (most of them). So now you can remove the List from the Navigation Pane but still access the list by clicking on the tile. Makes for a less cluttered Navigation Pane
  8. Remove excess text from the Home Page for cleaner look and feel
  9. Increased size of the remaining Text on Home Page for ease of use
  10. Expanded the height of the Sentiment Bars within the Queues to improve visibility.
  11. Added and improved the Animations and Transitions for a more fluid experience
  12. Drastically improved startup time, largely to facilitate the ‘quick look’ Mobile device user tendencies
  13. Better aligned with Office 2016. The Help Files and other generic links and features are in the same place as they are in Office 2016
  14. Added ‘My settings’ so that the user can change Company, Work Date, Language without having to go to the Desktop Client
  15. On List Pages Continuous scrolling is now in place. No need to hit a button to get the next set of records.
  16. On Demand loading is also in place to support Continuous scrolling and to improve performance. Only loads as its needed.
  17. The Freeze Pane works in web client. Note that you still can’t personalize in the web client like you can with the Desktop Client
  18. The first Column will always Freeze when scrolling horizontally if there is no personalized Freeze Pane in place.
  19. On the List Page the ‘Show Hide Columns’ now available and the personalization is stored. Note that you still can re-order re-sort in the Web Client.
  20. On List Pages the confusing Check Boxes for each record were removed for the default view.
  21. Check Boxes return to the screen only when you want to perform a multi row selection
  22. When Multiple Records are selected the Delete button is disabled to remove uncertainty as to which record will be deleted.
  23. Searching records on a List Page is now ‘Multi Column Search’
  24. Multi Column Search now ‘Finds as you Type’
  25. Multi Column Search now returns results based on matching the string of characters but suggests the records that also match the first portion of the string.
  26. When data entry page opens the cursor defaults to the first data entry field – no need to tab to start data entry
  27. Better use of space by clearing clutter and aligning fields consistently
  28. Fast tabs start collapsed – except first two fast tabs which will be expanded
  29. Fast tab summary looks way cleaner and are more visible
  30. The ‘Show more’ and ‘Show less’ function on the Fast Tab is now available
  31. Per device personalization. Which means that your configuration is remembered for each device. Giving you an experience that is unique to the Phone versus the experience you need on the Desktop, or on the Tablet
  32. Clicking on Field captions no longer takes you to help (Help is now in the standard Office 2016 Location)
  33. Clicking on Field Captions now shows the caption description.
  34. Fact Boxes can be expanded collapsed (left to right)
  35. Fact Boxes stay fixed while scrolling the main portion of the Page.
  36. NAV remembers whether you have the Fact Boxes expended or collapsed, by page
  37. Clearer close page button. Makes it a lot easier to close a screen and not mistakenly close the Browser.
  38. Clicking in the Grey area above the Navigation Pane Lists takes you back to Home.
  39. Ribbons start collapsed but remembers your personal selection
  40. The Date picker in the line level records.
  41.  Keyboard short cut – ALT Down Arrow drops down the pick list. Lots more Shortcut keys coming to reduce the dependency of the mouse.
  42. Look up on Line records acts as a Drop Down not a Pop Up that covers your screen. Note you can still choose to pop up if u want
  43. Look up on Line records also finds as you type
  44. Rapid start works in web client
  45. Camera Access is now available in the Web Client

If you’re new to Dynamics NAV or interested in upgrading your solution to the latest version contact us.

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