Strategic CPM – The Power of The Cube

What is Strategic CPM? Corporate Performance Management is often thought of as a tool that allows you to analyze your financial and other data in a more meaningful way.  While this is certainly true, there’s another extended use that has yet to hit the mainstream: Strategic CPM.  This approach includes corporate goals and objectives, and together, the “two pillars of CPM” are having a very positive impact on organizations that have chosen to employ them.

The “cube” is the way in which Prophix’s Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology stores your information in three dimensional chunks, allowing you to quickly and easily examine the relationships between sets of data.  Understanding this technology allows you to see the potential impact it could have on your organization.  Prophix, along with Gartner (technology research firm) have released a report that explains the cube, the advantages of this one-two punch approach to financial office/strategic CPM, and even includes several case studies of companies that have embarked down this road.

The bottom line: Prophix is not just for better budgeting.

Did you know that 76% of CPM implementations lack a strategic approach?  Read the entire report by visiting the page on our website.

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