Strategic Planning for a Stronger eCommerce Industry

Take a look at the fastest growing retail brands … we’ve got a spotlight on Amazon:

eCommerce IndustryIt’s no surprise that the giant of all eCommerce marketplaces, Amazon, has grown to new heights during this quarantine season, however the size of growth is staggering. Kantar’s BrandZ reports a 32% increase and the infographic below by Visual Capitalist demonstrates its prominent position among other, growing retail brands. Overall, it’s apparent that a common thread among the growing brands is a strong eCommerce presence; either a stand-alone strategy or a hybrid of the traditional, brick-and-mortar, a.k.a “brick-and-click.”

This is good news for our brick-and-mortar-only retailers who have recognized the need to move to online sales or have already started developing their eCommerce strategy plan. Amazon is one of the most accessible marketplaces for all sizes and types of retailers and for those new to eCommerce strategic planning, Amazon is a great way to begin moving forward swiftly with long-term rewards.

In 2019, Amazon accounted for 37% of online sales and looking forward, despite recent supply chain disruptions, “… its reputation among consumers is likely to deepen.”

Automate and Sync eCommerce Amazon Orders and Financial Info in Business Central with Channel Sales Manager

Suite Engine knows eCommerce channels well and we know what drives good business decisions: trustworthy data collected by reliable technology. So, we’ve taken our favorite, and frankly, the most robust, cloud-based, business-driving software out there – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – and combined it with a product we call, Channel Sales Manager (CSM) for Amazon. CSM gives you actionable insights into your eCommerce business that help drive smarter decisions, faster.

Whether you’re expanding your eCommerce strategy to include a new platform or marketplace or whether you’re just exploring your options in this new, “click-it” world, we’re here to help. Talk to us.

Learn more about Channel Sales Manager for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or go directly to Microsoft AppSource and download Channel Sales Manager for Amazon today!

Infographic by Visual Capitalist:

ecommerce industry

If you have any questions about an e-commerce solution like Channel Sales Manager from Suite Engine for your business, please contact us.

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