Subscription Based Business = Big Benefits!

One of the top benefits of adopting a subscription based business model is consistent recurring revenue, providing you the ability to forecast future revenue resulting in predictable cashflow. Additionally, and as a result of being in regular contact with your clients, you are building relationships providing the opportunity to upsell additional products or services. Can you think of a reason why you would not want to expand your business offering to include a product or service based on a subscription based business model in addition to or alongside more traditional models?

Equipping your business for sustainable success

As your subscription based business grows, so too will the ongoing administrative tasks that go hand-in-hand with billing your clients on a recurring basis. If you have adopted a subscription based business model and your business has grown to the point that you are having trouble keeping up (not a bad problem with the right solution) and are missing billings or making errors, then it’s time that you took a look at Encore’s Subscription Billing solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Recognizing that an increasing number of businesses are adopting a subscription based business model, Encore has and continues to invest in their Subscription Billing solution for Dynamics GP. Over the course of the past 2 years…

We’ve added significant new functionality to Subscription Billing, including:

  • Substantial performance enhancements for clients generating large volumes of sales transactions
  • New revenue forecast reports
  • New SmartList objects and MUCH MORE!

Goodbye missed billings! Goodbye data entry errors!

With Subscription Billing, you create your end customer’s contract and have Sales Transactions created automatically within GP’s Sales Transaction Entry based upon the ‘Next Bill Date’ and the ‘Frequency’ that you assign to the line item. Create hundreds, even thousands of sales transactions automatically and all at once with a couple mouse clicks.

Subscription Billing also leverages the functionality provided through GP’s Revenue & Expense Deferrals so that you can recognize the revenue over future periods. For example; a product or service that you are billing annually can be ‘tagged’ on the contract to use deferrals and the revenue recognition entries will automatically be created at the time that the Sales Transaction is being created.

You’ve got to love when stuff ‘just works’!

Some other ‘nice to haves’ are the ability to set a customer’s contract as ‘EFT Active’ when the customer has been setup with ACH information in GP. In this case, the EFT will be created along with the Sales Transaction. You can skip the extra step of assigning the EFT to the transaction as it will have been automatically done for you – all behind the scenes.

Subscription Billing also works seamlessly with k-eCommerce’s Credit Card Extension; Avalara’s AvaTax as well as a handful of other ISV solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Encore’s ‘End-of-Fiscal Year Sale’

Adios Black Friday (US); Sayonara Boxing Day (Canada); this year we are discounting Subscription Billing and the optional add-on – Subscription Billing Importer at 25% OFF THE LIST PRICE from now until end of business fiscal year, April 29th.

To learn more about Subscription Billing, visit our website to watch a short online demo, request temporary registration keys and get an instant quote (please note that quotes do not reflect discounts). If you have any questions or would like to request a personal demo of Subscription Billing please contact me directly at or by calling 888.898.4330 x2336.

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