What is Subscription Billing Importer?

Subscription Billing Importer What is it? Best Practices for using it

When using Subscription Billing you may have a need to perform mass updates to create new Contracts or update Existing Contracts.  The Subscription Billing Importer provides this functionality.  You can mass create New Contract Headers and Add New Contract Lines to multiple Contracts through a simple Import process. The importer will also allow you to update any existing Contract Header and Existing Contract Line items.

You would simply need to map the fields in the Importer to the fields located on the Import file. To import multiple new Contracts, you must first import the Contract Header.  The minimum required fields for a contract header would be:

  • Contract Number
  • Site ID
  • Customer ID

You can choose to import additional information, as well, by mapping these fields and including them on the import file.

Constant Values

Constant Values is a great feature if all lines in your import file need the same value for a particular field.  This way you do not need to include it in your import file and map the field in the Import ID setup.  You simply need to select the Constant Value button on the Subscription Billing Importer window for the Import Setup ID you created to set the Constant value.

Once you select the Constant Value button you will open the Constant Values window where you would select the Import field you want to have a constant value for and then you would set the Constant Value.

Using Subscription Billing SmartList Objects

You can use The Subscription Billing SmartList objects to assist with creating your import file for Updating Contract Header and Updating Contract Line items.

Subscription Billing comes with default SmartList objects.  You could use any of the following Objects to create your import file:

  • Contract Detailed
  • Contract Header
  • Contract Lines

You would simply need to add and remove columns that you are displaying to the ones you require for the import file.  Then export to Excel.  Once exported you can adjust the fields that require updating and save as a CSV file to create your import file. You can even save your edited SmartList Object as a Favorite by selecting the Favorites option in Smartlist.  This way it can used for future updates.

If you’d like to learn more about Subscription Billing Importer or any of the other great add-on products for Microsoft Dynamics GP that Encore has developed, feel free to reach out to me directly or call 204-235-2311 (Direct).  If you wish, we can even provide you with 30-day trial keys to test this product.

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