Quality Learning Happens at Dynamics User Group Conference

Almost exactly 2 months after Summit 2016 took place in Tampa Bay, we are still hearing tons of feedback about how awesome the experience was for everyone. As your business partner, a very important part of our job at Encore is to make sure you are informed, especially when it comes to events and learning opportunities.

When we say we are your partner, this doesn’t only mean we are going to make suggestions, help you implement solutions, and then hit the road. This means we will be there to guide you and your business decisions in the right direction, while informing you about all the important growth and development opportunities you and your company can benefit from.

This year, Encore was fortunate enough to spend 4 days with over 20 clients who attended Summit, one of those companies being Synergy Credit Union. This was Synergy’s first year attending, and this is what Diane Taylor from Synergy had to say about the experience:

“6 Days, 3 Academy Classes, 10 sessions, and 4 Hands on Labs!

Reading the information prior to attending Summit 2016, we were very excited, but could never have imagined how great it would be!

The combination of lecture style sessions as well as hands on learning was a great mix to take in all of the information.  And the great part was that each session was run by a CRM user, not a rep from Microsoft or another company, but by someone who uses the product day in and day out.  This gave us comfort in knowing that what we were learning was from experience and was not from theoretical situations or someone just saying what we wanted to hear.

There were almost 7000 attendees at the event so aside from the actual sessions, the number of people that we met that are at all different levels of the CRM journey is amazing.  We met some who have been using Microsoft Dynamics for years and are more than willing for us to reach out to them as we move forward.  Some we met are at the discovery phase of deciding if this is the right product for them and we were able to share some of our experiences thus far.  Everyone just wanting to help each other!

The Summit experience has given us a lot of great resources to come back and feel confident and competent in configuring CRM to work for Synergy.  The CRMUG Group is giving us a place we know we can go to engage with other users.

Thank you to Encore and the representatives that were in Tampa for making us newbies feel welcome and ensuring that the information we were getting was meeting our expectations.  Everyone from Encore was more than willing to answer any questions that we had as well as help us find solutions throughout the expo hall.

I can say that the benefit to working with a partner like Encore is that there is an outside 3rd party with you each step of the build to challenge thoughts and processes and push a little to move outside of the box!  Having someone experienced with Dynamics CRM and suggest new and different ways to achieve the same results helps to ensure that you are not just building an old process into a new program.

Summit was a fantastic learning and networking opportunity and the Encore team was helpful and attentive all week.  Given the opportunity, we would definitely attend Summit again.”

Events like Summit are just one of the many opportunities available to our customers, so if you’re kicking yourself this year for not attending, don’t worry! There is always next year. Pack your cowboy boots and join us down in Nashville, Tennessee for Summit 2017.

Until then, stay tuned to the Encore blog to find out more information about Summit 2017, and all the events in between!

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