Dynamics User Group Annual Conference – What to Expect at Summit

As a Microsoft Dynamics Power User at Encore, I had the good fortune of attending the Dynamics User Group Summit in 2011. It was a really great event and I’d like to share some experiences with you so you know what to expect at Summit.

The Expo and the Partner Showcase sessions were good opportunities to learn about Partner products available to enhance Dynamics functionality.

The Expo

  • Provided time to discuss applications in detail on a one-on-one basis
  • Was a great way to learn about any special promotions
  • Times were scheduled around the Breakout Sessions, which made it easy to attend both

The Partner Showcase Sessions

  • Provided an opportunity to see product demos

The Breakout Sessions started at 8 am each morning and were an hour long. The sessions were personal and interactive. Users were encouraged to discuss related topics and were also rewarded for asking questions with tickets for draws.

The sessions mostly provided an overview of the topic, which was enough to get you thinking of how it can be applied to your environment. Many of the presenters performed live, interactive demos instead of simply using a PowerPoint presentation.

There was an half hour break in between sessions, which was great for grabbing a coffee or a quick snack, checking emails, asking the presenters last minute questions, or comparing notes with other attendees.

There was plenty of time and opportunities to network.

Formal networking included:

  • The Networking Huddle
  • Regional Chapter lunches

Informal networking included:

  • Evening events
  • At the Expo
  • In between sessions

The lunch allowed users to meet other users in their industry and others with similar job roles to themselves. It is not hard to find others who are experiencing the same things in Dynamics as you are and it is a great opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other.

I also attended one of the pre-Summit Additional Training sessions. Although these sessions are an additional fee above the cost of the Summit registration, they are a valuable opportunity to gain more detailed training on specific Dynamics topics or modules.

The Additional Training sessions were offered as full or half-day sessions and consisted of hands-on training with your laptop connected to an environment containing all of the software the session required. Again, it was a very personal and interactive experience.

To learn more about Summit, visit the conference websites listed below or contact Encore.

GPUG Summit

NAV Summit

AXUG Summit

CRMUG Summit


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