How to Amend or Cancel T4s in Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

T4 time is all done…yeah…but you have just discovered some glaring errors in your T4s!  If you have filed your T4s electronically using Dynamics GP you have saved yourself tons of time and are now going to save yourself more!

Requirements for Amending/Canceling T4s in Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

  • T4s have been created
  • Electronic file has been generated

Amending T4s in Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll

1. Click T4 Edit (Routines > Payroll > T4 Edit)
a) Enter or Select the employee ID
         Note:  The left looking glass holds a list of all employees with a created T4
b) Tick Amended in the T4 Record Status section
c) Make your changes
d) Click Save

CDN Payroll1

Note:  I always recommend making these changes in the Employee Last Year Information to give you a permanent record of these changes.  However, if you do this, you will also need to regenerate your XML file.

Note:  If the T4 Record Status is Grey you will need to regenerate the XML file.

2. Click on T4 and R1 Summary to recreate the Summary Records
Note:  This step is mandatory.

3. Click T4 and R1 Print
a) Enter or select the Employer Number

4. Click Electronic T4’s
a) Complete the Payroll Electronic Transfer T4 window and T4 Summary Edit window as usual.
b) Change the Report Type Code to Amended.

CDN Payroll2

c) Click Verify and Generate.  The amended file will be created and ready to upload to the CRA

5. I would recommend viewing the xml file just created.
a) When viewing this file you should see lines that indicate this is an Amended T4 upload and will only include the employees that were marked as Amended.

CDN Payroll3

Note: O is for Original, A is for Amended and C is for Canceled.

Canceling T4s

Canceling T4s is the same process as amending T4s with the following differences:

Step 1b.   On the Payroll T4 Edit window, tick Canceled in the T4 Record Status section

CDN payroll

Step 4b. On the Payroll Electronic Transfer T4 window, change the Report Type Code to Canceled

Step 5. When viewing the file, unfortunately you will find an error that Microsoft has not fixed. Apparently not many companies cancel T4s as this has never been found or reported!

a. When creating Canceled T4s you must do a search and replace as the file will show >A< for Amended rather than >C< for Canceled. Once all these have been replaced your file will be accepted by CRA as canceled T4s.

Note: You may need to open this file in Notepad to search and replace all these tags.

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