Tableau – Business Intelligence for the Masses: It’s finally here.

Since my introduction to Tableau, I haven’t been able to stop talking about it.  As far as BI tools go, it is the easiest to install and implement.  Anyone who is familiar with building an OLAP cube knows that it requires a lot of design work.

In order to get an OLAP cube to perform blazing fast queries, you need to look at a couple of areas:

–        Attribute relationships

–        Cube partitioning

–        Cache warming

–        MDX query optimizations

–        Disk storage



Without going into great detail, there is a whole lot of technical wizardry that is required to get the best performance from an OLAP cube.  Tableau has come up with an anwer.

Tableau addresses these issues using an in-memory query engine.  The data engine is lightning fast.  What that means is that when you click on a filter or drill down to detail, the response is immediate.  It was what they call “Rapid Fire Analytics”.  Have you ever ran a query and waited so long for it to return the results, only to lose your train of thought?  That no longer is an issue when using Tableau.

Tableau has also differentiated itself from the market in a couple areas:

–        10-100 times faster than traditional BI methods

–        Ease of use

–        Built in best practice data visualizations

–        Connect and combine various data sources

–        Mobile enabled (Android, iPad and Sharepoint)

BI for the masses… it’s finally here.



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