About Task Recorder in Dynamics AX

Create videos and documents for training, enhancements and more! 

The purpose of task recorder in Microsoft Dynamics AX is to quickly document business processes or tasks for training or other purposes.   Task recorder is used to create videos or documents.  Easily apply company standards and templates when creating a task recorder document by specifying a template to use; all the documents created using the template will have the same look and feel.   Processes and tasks examples that could be recorded include the following:

  • Business processes: The purchase order cycle, the sales order payment cycle, or the project management process.
  • Tasks: Creating a vendor record, generating foreign currency revaluation, or generating free text invoices.

Task recorder has two modes: basic and advanced.

Basic mode: – Basic mode is used to generate a Microsoft Word document and a video recording of the selected business processes.  Then, the user stores the documents in a predefined shared folder for future viewing or use.

Advanced mode: – The updated task recorder includes an advanced mode.  Advanced mode captures additional metadata that can be used to create a file that can be uploaded to Business process modeler in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services.  This file includes metadata about the hierarchy, business processes, and Application Object Tree (AOT).  It also includes cross-functional flowcharts and activities that can be modified to be used to identify business requirements.

Task Recorder Dynamics AX

To access the task recorder  simply navigate to file -> tools task recorder and the task recorder form opens.

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