The Future for Dynamics GP Users | Plenty of Options for the Path Ahead

Although Microsoft has multiple offerings of ERP software solutions such as Dynamics 365, GP, AX, NAV, and SL, rest assured that the Dynamics GP solution series is not disappearing anytime soon! Here we look at the GP roadmap from Microsoft and the path forward for Dynamics GP users.

This is the latest Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap. As you can see there are future GP ‘Next’ versions to come. These versions promise to bring us ongoing development, additional system enhancements and new features as requested by customers and the community. Intelligent Cloud Insights was added in GP 2018 R2 and Microsoft will continue to make enhancements in that area as well.

The Future of Dynamics GP

I often have clients make comments about various system features that they would like to see added or changed in GP. The main point of this article is to showcase that customer suggestions are definitely taken into consideration in developing future release enhancements for Dynamics GP. You can log in to the Microsoft website to share your ideas, and vote for future ideas that others have entered as a suggestion.

Enter your suggestions for Microsoft Dynamics GP future release enhancements!

If you scroll down on this page you will see the Dynamics GP options under the Dynamics 365 options. According to Microsoft, the Dynamics GP 365 development team is also the main development team for Dynamics GP so that is why it is listed under Dynamics 365.

Note that you will need to sign in using your Microsoft account or Customer Source login to be able to Vote.

What are Intelligent Cloud Insights?

Since I mentioned this above in reference to the roadmap, I will explain further.

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2, you will have the option to access Intelligent Cloud Insights. Essentially you can connect your Dynamics GP to a Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud tenant that you can synchronize data to. This enables cloud scenarios for your Dynamics GP that will then show in the Intelligent Cloud Insights tab with insights from machine learning and other cloud scenarios. There are nominal licensing costs to access the Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud tenant. This will allow you to continue using Dynamics GP, but test out using Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The following information is taken from the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 Application and System Features Guide:

While Business Central is a cloud-first service, we will continue to ensure that customers that need to run their workloads on premises or on the intelligent edge connected to the cloud, can do so. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, once the customer signs up for the service in the cloud, they have the option to deploy it locally to their own choice of hardware. While they are running on their own hardware, the customer will have a tenant in the cloud, and the data from the customers hardware will be replicated to the cloud for Intelligent Cloud scenarios

We welcome these customers running their workloads on Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL into the Dynamics 365 Business Central fold. This is done through the same Intelligent Cloud / Intelligent Edge scenarios as for Business Central on premise. Each NAV, GP or SL tenant will have a Business Central cloud tenant they can synchronize their data to. When they use this, we invoke our Intelligent Cloud scenarios of Machine Learning, Power BI, Flow and others to drive suggested actions. This helps the customer understand further the value of Business Central and over time, while Microsoft continues to support their NAV, GP and SL deployments, these customers can choose when they want to transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central, as a perfect match for their businesses.


Intelligent Edge – Modification to Home Page

When you upgrade to GP 2018 R2 with an existing install and add Intelligent Insights, the Users Home Page tab will default as usual, but you will see a new tab a user can click on called Intelligent Cloud Insights.


If you do a new install of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 and add Intelligent Insights, the Home Page will default to the Intelligent Cloud Insights tab. To change back to the default – at the top right choose Customize this page to Customize your home page, click the Default option.

Each time you log in to Microsoft Dynamics, GP will remember your Home Page.


This is the path forward for Microsoft Dynamics GP! Check the Encore Blog often, as we will be continually updating GP users on available options and providing education and guidance for the future of your ERP solution. If you have any questions about Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365 Business Central, please connect with us.

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