“There Is Nothing To Post” Error in Dynamics NAV General Journal

“There is nothing to Post”: this error message is very common in Microsoft Dynamics NAV when posting within Purchase Order, Sales Order, Manufacturing, Warehousing, but it is NOT when posting to the General Journal.

This morning we had a great Dynamics NAV demo with a potential client, and I was the one doing the demo around the Chart of Accounts, Dimensions & General Journal.

In the General Journal, when I tried to post the simple journal entries, an error message prompted: “There is nothing to Post”. Of course, it is not the greatest moment for an error when you are doing the demo.

Anyways, I researched and found out that there’s an issue with the Preview Posting in General Journal in Dynamics NAV 2016.

This is the link regarding the cumulative update from Microsoft around this error.

You can also check this link where some users encounter errors in General Journal.

To replicate this issue in Dynamics NAV 2016:

  1. Go General Journal
  2. Enter sample transactions:
    Dr. Any GL Account with Code Mandatory, leave the Dimension Blank, enter the amount.
    Cr. Select any G./L Account, enter the amount.
  3. Click “Preview Posting”
    Message prompts:
    “A dimension used in Gen. Journal Line, GENERAL, “Batch Name” Line No 1000 has caused an error…….
  4. Enter the Dimension on the line 10000 (this should make the error disappear)
  5. Click Post. You should received the error “There is nothing to Post”

To work around this issue:

  1. Refresh the journal line,
  2. Close then open the Gen. Journal
  3. Click “Preview Posting,”
  4. Make sure there is no error message
  5. Post to the General Journal

Hope this helps!

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