Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll ROE January Hotfix Has Been Released

There are several changes to the Canadian Payroll ROE that are included in the January Hotfix.  Read all about what is and is not included in the January Hotfix below:

ROE Fixes Included With This Hotfix

1. The Postal code is a required field and will now default into the field in the correct format. (see #6 in Things not Covered in the ROE Hotfix)


2. 17a fields for Start Date and End Date will now remain blank in the BLK file if the Vacation Type is “Paid because no longer working”.

3. The Employer Name and address are no longer marked as required fields. You should, however, still make sure you have all the Employer Address information populated in the Employer Number Setup window (Setup > Employer) so it will default to the ROE tables when creating ROEs.

4. The French ROE window has been fixed.

5. ROE Prep report boxes are now aligned.
Note:  If you downloaded the new prep report you should remove it from your modified dictionary unless you need to further modify it (see #6 in Things Not Covered in the ROE Hotfix)

6.  17a Vacation Pay is now being created properly.

7. Updating the modified forms & reports after installing the patch should no longer produce any errors. If errors are produced you will need to investigate them.

8. ROE Pop up warning (after clicking Save “Last Day for which paid should have been within the past 14 days”) has been removed.

9. Box 17a Changing order of elements within the 17a block has been fixed.

10. The Issue tag has been changed to D (Draft) so you can still make changes on the Service Canada site (how it worked before).

11. The Expected date of recall tag has been fixed.

Things not Covered in the ROE Hotfix

1. The ROE window now has a drop down list for Reason for Issuing ROE. This list offers CRA’s new required codes. You may need to change security for the user to access this list.



To fix this, add the following to the user’s role/task.

  • Product = Canadian Payroll
  • Type = Windows
  • Series = Project
  • Select Reason for Issuing ROE-Canada

2. CRA is rejecting French ROEs with commas instead of decimal points. This is scheduled for review in March, but until then you will need to change the XML file before uploading to the CRA site.

3. Box 15d is no longer visible on the ROE Amounts window. It is printed on the Prep report. CRA no longer requires this field and it is not included in the XML electronic file.

See this CRA page that outlines the new rules.

ROE Hotfix 3

4. CRA will no longer allow bulk ordering of T4 forms; 50 is the max. However, you can print and photocopy the T4 form from the CRA website, or you can purchase the Report Writer Package from Encore, which includes the entire page 1 and 2 of the T4 and/or T4A.  This report is also included in Encore’s ePayStub product which provides a tool for e-mailing and saving PDFs of the Advice Slips, T4s, T4As and R1s.

5. If you are not affected by these ROE issues, you can wait until the next tax update in July which will include this Hotfix. Read this Encore blog article for suggested workarounds.

6. While the Postal Code field is now fixed, and populates both the ROE window and the BLK file correctly, it will not show up on your prep report. You can work around this by adding the P_ROE_Employee_Postal_Code field to the P_ROE_Prep_Report in Report Writer.

Note:  Adding it to address line 3, also adds it a second time to the BLK file, so not the best solution!

Download Links:

Dynamics GP 2015R2 (Version 14.00.0952)
Canadian Payroll Version 14.00.0939

Dynamics GP 2013R2 (Version 12.00.2084)

If you want to install this Hotfix, please book time now with Encore.  While it may not take quite as long as installing the Tax update, the scenarios are still the same;  everyone has to be out of the system, and the system is down until the update is complete.

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