Three Key Features of the iSolutions App and How They Save You Time

The iSolutions App highlights three key features that work to simplify AR automation and collections management for your business. These features include automatic emailing, automated reminders with click to pay, and the collections manager tool. Let’s go over each of these features and how they work to save you time.

Automated Email

Our automated email feature eliminates the need to manually hit print/send after posting each invoice within Dynamics 365 Business Central. This cuts down significant time with your day-to-day process. We do recognize that not all customers will want to be emailed so this setting is configurable at the customer level on the document profile setting that you see on the screenshot below.


Automated Reminders With Click to Pay

Automated reminders do all of the hard work in pursuing customers who owe you money. You have the ability to set as many actions as you like all based on either due date, document date or posting date. Once your customer receives a reminder for their past due invoices, our click to pay can be added to the bottom of the email. You can decide which customers will be included in each plan, and create as many plans as you’d like.


Collections Manager

The collections manager provides a summarized AR aging by customer with notes. You have the ability see all customers or only the ones you are assigned to as an assigned collector. The grid you see in the picture will dynamically change based on which aging bucket you select, allowing you to zoom in on customers.


Please contact Encore if you’re interested in downloading the iPayment app.

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