Top 10 Convergence Tips and Tricks

If you’ve never been to Convergence, and even if you’ve been many times, we’ve complied our list of Top 10 Convergence Tips and Tricks to make your experience a great one.

10.  Get lots of sleep before you go. Your days are going to be filled so come rested!

9. Pack a couple of pairs of comfortable shoes…and maybe some blister pads.  Your feet are guaranteed to hurt at some point.

8.  It’s starting to get warmer in New Orleans, check out the temperatures online! With the warmth outside, the air conditioning will surely be on. Pack clothes you can layer to ensure you stay comfortable.

7. Got a Smart Phone?  Microsoft is offering a mobile app this year.  The Convergence app provides you with a handful of information including the Schedule Builder and Evaluations.

6. The Expo floor is an excellent time to learn about integrated solutions that can grow and streamline your operations.  If you find products that interest you, please let us know.  We’d be happy to join you at the exhibitor’s booth or collect further information upon our return.

5. Over 10,000 people are expected to attend Convergence, so keep an eye out for the infamous Encore Sign (looks just like our logo).  If you see it bouncing around amongst the crowd, chances are good you will find Melissa, Kamil, or Natalie attached to it.

4. We will be communicating via text.  As important information comes up, or an impromptu gathering is about to erupt, we will text you the details.

3. Remember to bring your Convergence game plan.  Convergence is a large investment.  Knowing what you want to accomplish for both yourself and your business will help ensure that you get the most out of attending.

2. Attend the Encore Meet and Greet. It’s a great way to meet some familiar faces for the week ahead.

1. Encore is here to help you get the most out of Convergence.  We will have our cell phones on and available to assist you at any time, whether you get lost, require session assistance or just need a lunch buddy, text us.

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