Top 5 Dynamics 365 (CRM) Blogs of 2019

With 2019 at an end, we’re looking back on our top performing Dynamics 365 (CRM) blogs written in 2019.

5. Portals in Dynamics 365 | Entity Lists Part A

Entity lists are a great method to display a list of records to your Portal users. This blog is Part A of a three-part Entity Lists series and highlights some items, features, and hidden realities. Learn about Dynamics 365 Entity, Multiple Views, Display Name and more!

4. How to use Import in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

One of the great features of Dynamics 365 is the ability to import records into the system. This article focuses on three different import scenarios: importing new records, updating records with import, and importing records with non-typical entity look-ups.

3. How to Use Advanced Find in Dynamics 365 CE

How do you find specific data in Dynamics 365? Advanced Find is a great tool for this. Advanced Find is a powerful ad hoc query tool, and once you understand the basics, there are many features which you may want to explore. This article discusses the steps to follow for Advanced Find queries, applying filtering logic, and then will discuss often overlooked features.

2. Top 10 Unified Interface Controls You Should Know in Dynamics 365 CE

The Unified Interface, introduced with Dynamics 365 CE version 9.0, features responsive web design for an enhanced viewing and interaction experience across all devices. Learn about the top 10 controls that greatly save time on configuration and enhance user experiences.

1. Multi-Select Option Sets in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Multi-select option sets in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement present a method to allow users to select multiple values for any data which can be captured within an option set. In this short article, learn how to create multi-select option sets.

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