The Top 5 Dynamics CRM Blog Posts of 2014

We’re finishing off the year here at Encore Business Solutions by counting down the 5 most popular blog posts for every one of our product lines.  Here’s the list for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

5. The Dynamics CRM Address Entity: More than Meets the Eye


The Address entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is actually more complicated than you might think.  There are a number of caveats you must consider when working with it!

4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Dictionary Example and Template Download


A data dictionary is an inventory of the data that needs to go into a new system. We have an example of a data dictionary for for Dynamics CRM, and a download of a boilerplate data dictionary for your needs.

3. Beware of the Dynamics CRM Address1 Composite Field


Dynamics CRM 2013 contains a Bing Maps control (and subsequent latitude and longitude fields, which it updates) that rely on information in the newly created address1_composite field for Dynamics CRM 2013. But this field isn’t straight forward either!

2. The Big 6 (+3) Dynamics CRM Marketing Automation Tools

Modern business concept

Do you need a solution to automate marketing that syncs with Microsoft Dynamics CRM? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out this article.

1. A Marketing Pilot Overview: Integrated Marketing for Dynamics CRM


This year was an exciting one for Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the new addition of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, previously known as Marketing Pilot.  This article gives an overview of what we knew when the solution was just being introduced to the Microsoft Dynamics community.

CRM Implementation: 12 Key Questions Answered

What are the steps in a CRM implementation? What are the biggest causes of failure? How long will it take?

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CRM Implementation: 12 Key Questions Answered

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