Top 5 Dynamics GP Blogs of 2019

In case you missed some of our Dynamics GP blog posts, here are our top performing blogs written in 2019!

5. Forks in Your Dynamics GP Roadmap: 4 Paths Forward

If you’re on Dynamics GP, you need to do 1 of 4 things to keep your company’s ERP alive, secure, and competitive. Each of these 4 paths outlined in this article has different short-term and long-term advantages — like cost, security, Microsoft Office integration, and artificial intelligence.

4. Dynamics GP Quick Tips

This ‘quick tips’ article addresses three common questions we receive from our clients about issues they’ve had with Dynamics GP. Learn about finding help in Dynamics GP, finding missing distributions, and temporarily disabling a product in GP without affecting any other user.

3. Analytical Accounting in GP for Fixed Assets

A feature that is not widely known is the ability to use Analytical Accounting in Dynamics GP with the Fixed Assets Module. In this article, learn about the setup steps involved to enable this functionality and see an example of how to add Analytical Accounting codes to individual assets.

2. Why Not Use Those Navigation Lists in Dynamics GP?

Navigation Lists can be useful for daily and even infrequent accounting processes. This article highlights the top 3 favoured uses where Navigation Lists can benefit you.

1. The Future for Dynamics GP Users | Plenty of Options for the Path Ahead

This article discusses the Dynamics GP roadmap from Microsoft and explains Intelligent Cloud Insights.

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