Trusted Dynamics Support and What That Means

What does it mean to trust your Microsoft partner and the Dynamics support they provide? This is the pivotal question Encore Care strives to answer with each Dynamics client we serve.

While Encore maintains both Gold and Silver Certified Partner Awards, certificates can’t provide great Dynamics support. Our baseline is our highly trained, certified, and professional staff, while our guidebook is aligned directly with Microsoft. When creating Encore Care, it was important to our team that we find the best method for providing world class support to our clients, and what better place to begin than with one of the world’s leading ERP providers.

The second part of that equation is providing a similar support roadmap as Microsoft. When a client logs a case with Encore, they are following similar steps we ourselves take when working with Microsoft directly.

A Behind the Scenes Look at our Dynamics Support Process:

When Encore needs to log a Dynamics support case with Microsoft, we are first provided with a knowledge base that pertains to our specific issue. Encore has recreated this with our Blog which provides posts as basic as providing information (like this one) to discussing complex topics like Consignment Inventory or Editing Employer Tax Information.

If an article doesn’t answer our question, we move on to logging a new Dynamics support incident. Microsoft’s process begins by asking us to pick the product with which we need assistance. While Microsoft presents a long list of potential products, Encore has simplified this for our clients through our Online Support Form or simply emailing In just a few clicks you can connect with Encore and indicate which product and even which topic you need help with.

Microsoft’s Support Request Form mirrors all the information we use when logging a case for an Encore client. This starts with our client’s contact information and moves forward with selecting the build or version of the product in question and then providing details regarding the issue.

Our Priority Levels are also similar to Microsoft with our response time for troubleshooting and solutioning. Clients see this replicated with Encore as we give Low, Normal, High, and Critical level response times.

As a team of professionals, we pride ourselves in providing our clients quality service and support that includes integrity, trust, and professional conduct. These values stretch even further in conjunction with Microsoft and their support process offered to partners such as Encore.

We continue to excel by providing that personalized service with each and every case we log for our clients. While we continue to grow, our promise of individualized quality support will always remain the same. Please contact us if you have any questions about Microsoft Dynamics support.

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