Using Company Copy within the Professional Services Tool Library

One of the coolest features within the Professional Services Tool Library (PSTL) of Microsoft Dynamics GP is the Company Copy feature. This feature allows you to copy over information from an existing company to a new company.  One of the best uses for this tool is for copying over your receivables data.

If you haven’t yet heard about the PSTL, it is a module in Dynamics GP that allows you to make changes to Databases in a streamlined manner. Most of the tools associated with PSTL require the system administrator (sa) to be logged into GP.

NOTE: If you are going to use any of these tools, it is important to make sure you’ve made a backup of the database before you make any changes. Depending on what tool you are using, it is also likely that you will require all other users to log out of GP.

To access Company Copy, go to PSTL > Misc. Tools > Company Copy:

PSTL dynamics gp

You will need to select a source company database and a destination company database.

Then you will need to select whether you want to copy over data and/or report options from that company.

Now you can select which modules you would like to copy across. For this blog, I am going to focus on copying over the Receivables Records.

When you select the modules you want to copy over, you can click process. A warning message will pop up:

Microsoft dynamics gp PSTL

This warns you that anything that you’ve already setup will be overwritten in the destination company.

Click continue.

Now it will copy over the selected data.

Once you are ready to post transactions, you may come across an error message:

no customer summary record exists for this customer ID

**ERROR: No customer summary record exists for this customer ID.

GP will not let you post until you resolve this issue. There are 3 different ways to resolve this, which one you use just depends on how comfortable you are with the system:

  1. Run checklinks on for Receivables
  2. Open each customer card up and click save and then close the window
  3. Run the following SQL statement against the database:



All three of these methods will resolve the issue.

Once this issue is resolved, the new company setup should be complete and you can start using the receivables module in that company.

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