Using Security Filters in Dynamics NAV To Limit User Access

Can I limit what a user can see on screen? I get this question quite often from many of our Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients and the simple answer is yes, you can.  This is done by setting a Security Filter on the  Permission Page.

Let’s say that I only want to show the items on my Item List (or my user’s) where the Base Unit of Measure is BOX.  I am in Cronus Canada and this is my list view after applying this restriction.


As you can see, I don’t see any other items where Base Unit of Measure=BOX.  There is no filter applied to this screen.

Let me run the Item List Report to ensure if this change is applied to my reports as well.  There is no filter applied to this report.


When I run this report, I only see the three items that I see on my Item List view.  As per the restriction already placed, this report won’t show me any other data but the ones that I have a permission to view, which is the items that has Base Unit of Measure=BOX.


In order to get this result, there are some setup changes that you will need to do.

  1. Your Permissions table

2. Table Filter (When you do AssistEdit on the highlighted field)


Remember to make a copy of the permission or permission set and apply this to those users only applicable to this restriction. If you miss this step, it is possible that all users with this permission will be impacted with this restriction.

Have fun with security and permissions, and mostly Dynamics NAV! If you need further assistance contact us.

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