Using Word Templates in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

With new functionality come new quirks. Here are some tips when using Word Templates in GP 2010.

  1. When modifying a Word template have you ever seen this  ?  It is like a faded capital I.  You will find it somewhere at the beginning and end of each table section.  If you delete it (or the cell it is in) your reports will not print correctly!
  2. Always enter text and new fields into a table.  If you enter text between tables (old Report Writer sections) it will not show up on the report.
  3. Never simply delete a field.  It will no longer be available.  Always right click and remove content control, then delete the X’s.
  4. Did you know that simply clicking the save icon in the Word document only saves it to a temporary file?  Surprise!  The changes aren’t there!  Always save to your shared location (File > Save as).  You can re-synchronize the new file using the green plus sign on the main window.

Did you know that even though you answer “Yes” to the following message “The template you are adding already exists in the database.  Would you like to replace the existing template?” your report changes many not take affect if you don’t synchronize!

  1. If you want to resize a field, it needs to be done in Report Writer first.
  2. If your field is wrapping, merge two cells or increase the size of the cell that holds the field.


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