Vancouver Microsoft Dynamics® “Better Together” Event Attracts 120+ Registrations

Wow – what an event. It’s only right for us to give you a big thank you for making the Vancouver Microsoft Dynamics “Better Together” Launch Event such a success.

With 120+ registrations for the day the turnout ended up being absolutely fabulous.

Missed it? The “Better Together” event started off with a bang on the future of CRM. Microsoft introduced us to the future of CRM including their new billion dollar acquisition of Yammer.

What’s Yammer you ask? Well, if you don’t know what Yammer is – think Facebook for the enterprise. More specifically, think social collaboration for the enterprise. If you don’t know what Facebook is – not sure that we can help you.

The Microsoft Dynamics “Better Together” Event then moved on to the latest developments in Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions (both in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics GP).

Despite being hosted at Trev Deeley (Vancouver), we are disappointed to say no Harley Davidsons were handed out as gifts (talk to Trev Deeley – they refused).

Regardless, there were Microsoft Surfaces and Windows Phones handed out though and congratulations again to the excited recipients who won.

And, with as many attendees as there were, the Trev Deeley conference centre ended up being the perfection location for hosting an in-depth look into the future of Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Thank you Trev Deeley again for all your hard work making sure the event off without a hitch including managing all the sound equipment, breakfast and lunch. We appreciate the partnership we have had with you for many years.

Specifically, we also want to thank our valued clients G&F Financial and Waterfront Capital for their comprehensive presentations. Couldn’t have had as an engaging event without you. You helped us show how and Microsoft technologies have made a significant difference to your organizations on the ground.

From all of us at (and on behalf of the Microsoft Dynamics team) we enjoyed the day with you and answering your questions. It provided us as a team an opportunity to see you again and a change from our regular consulting.

And for all of those of you who are new to and were introduced to for the first time we want to thank you for taking the time engage us at the event. We look to carefully protect the trust you have instilled in us as we guide you in driving your business forward.



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