Verify Document Dates in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Prevent users from posting transactions to dates that do not exist by enabling the Doc Date Verify option in the Professional Services Tool Library (PSTL).

CAUTION – this tool does contain a bunch of powerful features so it is highly recommended to limit user access to it.

  1. PSTL must be installed on each workstation that requires the Doc Date Verify functionality. If you currently do not have it installed, please contact your Value Added Reseller (VAR) for assistance.
  2. Once PSTL is installed, open up the PSTL window and mark the checkbox beside Doc Date Verify, and then close the window.
  1. Now when the user goes to enter a transaction with a date that does not exist in the Fiscal Period Setup window they will get the following message:
  1. Click Continue and it will bring you back to the Date field. The user will not be able to tab pass the Date field until they change it to a valid date.

Note: Without the Doc Date Verify enabled, the user will still get the message above, however when they hit Continue, it allows them to continue processing the transaction.


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