Video: Why Do We Work at Encore? Tiffany & Matt

Find out about the value Tiffany and Matt at Encore have found from working here. Listen to them speak about their career path thus far, and how Encore offers a supportive and flexible environment for them!


Tiffany: I was in school for about six years, so I have my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and then I have my Masters of Science in Organizational Psychology. While I was doing that, I worked in a few jobs, mostly in sales, some administration working with a benefits broker, so I was trying to kind of find where I fit in. I didn’t actually know what I was getting myself into, really. I had no idea what an ERP was, but, you know, I went for it. I knew it was to do with account management, so I thought it’d be a useful…or a good place for me to be, so that’s how I ended up with Encore.

Matt: Prior to Encore, I had gone through college to become a graphic designer and have more of a, like a web-development design background. I wasn’t even finished school. I went to a career fair that was specializing in Microsoft Dynamics, and I met my boss there. And, I actually met Tiffany there, and they picked me up there, brought me over for a few interviews. They brought me in for a lunch and hit it off really well. Lo and behold, I’m working on the NAV team and having a good time.

Tiffany: So, when I first started with Encore, like I’d said, I didn’t know what to expect in my day-to-day activities, but when I first got onboarded, I have a fantastic mentor. She’s always there to answer any questions for me, and when I first came into the business, I didn’t really know a lot about it, so she definitely had a lot of training to do. And, they really ramp me up so I feel more comfortable with what I’m doing and give me the tools to make me successful.

Matt: The mentorship here, and the fact that I can basically reach out to anybody on my team, usually at any time, just to get some help has been great. Our team lead, he sits down with me weekly just to go over any issues or any problems I’m having. They want you to be as good as you possibly can, and as solid as you can. It’s been really supportive and really great.

Tiffany: Some of the benefits to working with Encore is it’s really flexible. You can work from home when you want to, if you want to. You work with a lot of different people. Everyone comes from different backgrounds. Everyone has different lengths of experience and different levels of knowledge, so it’s great to get to work with so many different and intelligent people.

Matt: We’re very much a team-oriented kind of company, and we’re very open. At least once a week, I usually bring my dog in, who is a 4-year old chocolate lab, and his name’s Charlie. He likes to run around and say hi to everybody.

Tiffany: One experience with Encore that really stands out is I’ve had the opportunity to travel and go places for work that maybe I wouldn’t have had a chance to do, or at least not this far along in my life yet. I had the opportunity to go to Nashville for a Microsoft conference. So, I got to experience some live music, spend time with my colleagues, meet some new people, do a lot of networking, and learn a lot about the Microsoft world itself. So that’s one that really stood out for me, and I’m really glad I had the opportunity to do that.

Matt: Being able to work from home is always great. Being able to, you know, really set your own hours, just, you know, like, so long as we make our meetings.

Tiffany: With Encore, as long as you’re, you know, doing your work, making sure that you’re putting all the effort in that you should be, you make your own schedule, which is probably one of my favorite things.

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